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Accelera Tyres

Accelera Tyres

Accelera tyres are ultra-high performance tires designed for elegance and safety. Accelera tyres provide maximum grip, comfort and protection without compromising on style. Developed especially for drivers that care about the role of tire technology in enhancing vehicle performance and safety, Accelera tyres provide immense durability, handling, and traction while increasing tread life.

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Accelera tyres are based Indonesia and were established in 1996. Employing a number of factors to ensure they meet the maximum satisfaction for users Accelera tyres aim to incorporate safety, creativity and innovation throughout their designing and manufacturing process. Catering for their customers needs is also a key priority for the brand which is why all products are created with extreme precision. Tyres by Accelera offer an outstanding high performance that is conducted using the latest technology for maximum quality and modern style.

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Accelera 651 Tyres

The Accelera 651 is a sporty, comfortable summer tyre with a unique centre V-block for superior stability, handling and steering response. This tread design also means that the Accelera 651 has great water ejection and aquaplaning resistance. The large and reinforced shoulder blocks of the Accelera 651 provide the tyre with optimum cornering stability, even at high speeds.

Accelera Alpha Tyres

The Accelera Alpha tyre has a medium to large block tread pattern designed with a 45 degree lateral grooves to clear water and reduce noise. The Alpha tyres centre grooves are straight to aid water evacuation and avoid hydroplaning, whilst maintaining handling and traction. The Accelera Alpha tyre also gives you stability and flexibility at high speeds.

Accelera Beta Tyres

The Accelera Beta is an economical yet comfortable summer tyre with tough shoulder blocks for safety and stability. Dynamic tread grooves give the Accelera Beta rapid water ejection and improved handling even on wet roads.

Accelera Eco Plush Tyres

The Accelera Eco Plush is an eco-friendly summer tyre for passenger cars. The Eco-Plush has three main ribs with mini diagonal grooves for excellent grip, low noise and improved wet handling. The centre rib of the Accelera Eco Plush has adaptive sipes for better traction while accelerating.

Accelera Epsilon Tyres

The Accelera Epsilon tyre features a triple dynamic block to provide you with excellent stability at high speeds and whilst minimising noise levels. The Epsilion tyre has a combination of main straight grooves and v-shaped grooves, this provides efficient water drainage and helps avoid aquaplaning. The Accelera Epsilon tyre has unique shoulder blocks that give optimum cornering stability.

Accelera Gamma Tyres

The Accelera Gamma is a great value summer tyre for smaller cars. It has a continuous centre rib for safety and stability, with the dynamic U-blocks providing the Accelera Gamma with great grip on wet and dry surfaces. The Accelera Gamma has unique zig-zag shoulder blocks for low noise, improved traction and rapid water ejection.

Accelera Iota Tyres

The Accelera Iota is popular SUV summer tyre with great handling in wet or dry conditions. The wet side of the Accelera Iota has small, angled grooves for rapid water ejection whereas the dry side has larger blocks and double grooves for superior traction. The balanced centre rib improves stability in all conditions.

Accelera Iota ST68 Tyres

The Accelera Iota ST68 tyre is one of the leading SUV tyres by Accelera. It features main grooves that clear surface water to stop aquaplaning, and the Iota ST68 has three interlocked block lanes in the tread centre, to give directional stability and fats steering response. The Accelera Iota ST68 tyre has special exclamation sipes that help maintain traction in wet weather by breaking thin layering of water as it forms.

Accelera Omikron A/T Tyres

Accelera Omikron H/T Tyres

The Accelera Omikron H/T tyre features 3 central semi ribs with interlocked blocks that help maintain stability on the highway, and offer driving comfort and maintain a quiet ride. The Omikron H/T has four wider grooves to enhance its performance on wet surfaces and help drain water quickly preventing aqua planing. The Accelera Omikron H/T offers a wide tread silica compound that is particularly effective in cold, wet environments as it improves traction. The Accelera Omnikron H/T is best on highway terrain.

Accelera Phi Tyres

The Accelera Phi is a high performance summer tyre for passenger cars. A dynamic medium lateral groove gives the Accelera Phi improved wet handling, and the circumferential ribs give good stability and flexibility on dry road surfaces. The shoulder block design of the Accelera Phi provides cornering stability and noise reduction.

Accelera Phi-2 Tyres

The Accelera PHI 2 tyre offers a dynamic medium lateral groove that gives you improved wet handling while and less rolling resistance. The PHI 2's shoulder block design allows better cornering stability and reduces noise. The Accelera PHI 2 has a single straight dry rib that ensures you get stability and flexibility whilst on the road. the Accelera PHI 2 tyre is for the ultimate tuning master.

Accelera Phi-R Tyres

The Accelera Phi-R is a high performance summer tyre for passenger cars. A dynamic medium lateral groove gives the Accelera Phi-R improved wet handling, and the circumferential ribs give good stability and flexibility on dry road surfaces. The shoulder block design of the Accelera Phi-R provides cornering stability and noise reduction.

Accelera Rho Tyres

The Accelera Rho is an affordable non-directional summer tyre with great stability and handling. Tough shoulder blocks and dynamic tread grooves provide the Accelera Rho with great cornering stability, rapid water ejection and great traction.

Accelera Sigma Tyres

The Accelera Sigma is nicknames the speedy master. It offers a wider shoulder block that helps to improves cornering stability and noise reduction. The Sigma has a multi-cone lateral groove in the centre of the tread which enables rapid water evacuation to improve contact on wet surfaces, and maintain low temperatures on dry surfaces. The Accelera Sigma centre treads V-shaped tread pattern also provides stability on high speeds and clears water rapidly to overcome aquaplaning.

Accelera X-Grip Tyres

The Accelera X-Grip tyre is a studless winter tyre designed for safety. The tyre features a unique directional tread pattern with cross grooves that help to rapidly clear water to eliminate hydroplaning. The X-Grip's edge blocks have a high sipe density to provide excellent grip, and better traction under snowy and icy conditions. The Accelera X-Grip tyre has a continuous centre rib to enable self-cleaning functionality to clean snow from the centre groove.