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Annaite Tyres

Annaite Tyres

Annaite tyres factory was founded in 1998, specialized in developing and manufacturing tyres, with total assets of over 6.0 billion RMB. Annaite have advanced tyre production, development, testing machines as well as professional engineers and management teams. With the production of all steel radial TBR tyres at 8 millon pcs/year, Annaite tyres have been distributed in over 20 oversea countries and regions.

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Annaite 366 Tyres

The Annaite 366 tyre is a steer truck tyre, it provides precise handling, lateral stability and superior traction.

Annaite 785 Tyres

The Annaite 785 tyre is a drive truck tyre, it features high speed, high loading capability, and good traction, braking and grasping ability.