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Artrax Tyres

Artrax Tyres

Artrax tyres focus on the production of quad bike tyres. They offer a competitive priced tyre which still performs as it should, providing longevity and a strong rubber carcass. Artrax tyres range covers quad tyres for use in deep mud, general off road conditions, as well as a range of non-aggressive road specific tyres.

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Artrax Tyre Details

Artrax AT-1101 Fast Trax Tyres

Artrax AT-1201 MX Trax Tyres

Artrax AT-1202 MX Trax Tyres

Artrax AT-1205 MX Trax Racing Tyres

Artrax AT-1206 MX Trax Racing Tyres

Artrax AT-1207 XC Trax Radial Tyres

Artrax AT-1208 XC Trax Radial Tyres

Artrax AT-1301 Countrax Tyres

The Artrax AT-1301 Countrax tyre has a non even lug distribution allowing the tyre to grip the land without causing excessive damage to turf. The Artrax Countrax tyre has a sturdy construction making them more suitable for heavy farm equipment and towed trailers.

Artrax AT-1306 Countrax Lite Tyres

Artrax AT-1307 Mudtrax Tyres