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Belshina Tyres

Belshina Tyres

Belshina Tyres OJSC is based in the Republic of Belarus. Belshina are one of the largest enterprises in Europe, producing over 300 sizes of tyres for cars, trucks, heavy trucks, road construction, lifting transport vehicles, electric motor vehicles, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery.

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Up-to-date equipment, highly skilled personnel, use of advanced scientific and technical achievements guarantee top quality products. Belshina's tyres have gained a strong reputation among local and foreign consumers for reliability and endurance. About 90% of tyres Belshina produced are of radial design. 

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Belshina Bel-26 Tyres

Belshina Bel-83M Tyres

Belshina Bel-93 Tyres

Belshina F-118 Tyres

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