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How to Make Money Becoming a Big Tyres Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate lets you earn commission on promoting tyres sales within your network of friends, colleagues or web site users.

By Big Tyres Team 3 January 2018

Bronze Age Wheel Found in Cambridgeshire

A complete Bronze Age wheel believed to be the largest and earliest of its kind has been unearthed in the UK. Still containing its hub, the 3ft-diameter wooden wheel dates from about 1,100 to 800 BC!

By Big Tyres Team 31 October 2017

How To Take Care of Your Tyres

Tyres need to be checked regularly, not only for pressure and wear but also for signs of damage and other issues. Here are our top tips for looking after your tyres to improve performance and safety.

By Big Tyres Team 13 October 2017

How To Determine The Age of Your Tyres

The age of a tyre affects performance & safety, with most manufacturers recommending that tyres are replaced regularly. There is no age limit for tyres, but it is generally advisable to inspect any tyres older than 5 years.

By Big Tyres Team 13 October 2017

Tube-Type (TT) vs Tubeless (TL) Tyres

Pneumatic tyres come in two main types: Tube-Type (TT) and Tubeless (TL). Because tyre rubber is naturally porous, an extra layer is required to keep the assembly air-tight & maintain the seal between the tyre & the rim.

By Big Tyres Team 18 November 2016

Mitas AirCell Debuts at Spanish Show

Mitas exhibited a new product at FIMA in Zaragoza, Spain during 16-20 February. The AirCell is an inner tyre that enables the inflation of large agricultural tyres by +/- 1 bar (from 0.8 bar to 1.8 bar) within half a minute. It is more than 10 times faster than the current method of inflation.

By Big Tyres Team 24 February 2016

OJ Simpsons Infamous Ford Bronco is Now Worth $300,000 (£212,630)

A Ford Bronco 90 million people watched lead the LAPD on a low-speed car chase through LA has been living under a blue tarp in a California garage. Inside Edition found one of the most recognisable vehicles & drove it!

By Big Tyres Team 23 February 2016

John Deere Launches Tracked Version of The Gator

John Deere has approved the use of Camso rubber tracks on its Gator utility vehicles in Europe, following their availability in the US for several years.

By Big Tyres Team 22 February 2016

New Land Rover Defender Coming by 2019

The iconic Land Rover Defender is getting ready for the end of its production, but a groundbreaking follow-up is coming.

By Big Tyres Team 22 February 2016

NFU Taking 50 Tractors into 50 Schools

Farmers in Lincolnshire are planning to take their tractors into schools. No – it’s not a demonstration or a protest. It’s our way of showing kids the information that should be the foundation of their education - where their food comes from. NFU's East Midlands regional communications adviser, Alison Pratt, explains.

By Big Tyres Team 17 February 2016
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