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How to Make Money Becoming a Big Tyres Affiliate

How to Make Money Becoming a Big Tyres Affiliate


What is an Affiliate Programme?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. - Wikipedia.

So pretty simply; become an affiliate, refer people to purchase online and when a sale comes in you get the commission. Sounds a little too easy right? Well, it is very easy to set up, but at the same time if the traffic you're generating from your website isn't interested in the products then chances are that commision will be pretty minimal,if any!

Affiliate Programmes pay between 0.5% and 5% on sales, which doesnt sound like much but depending upon the size of the purchase can net you a fair amount. PC World, for example, pay a 5% commission for every visitor an affiliate recommends who makes a purchase. While it's a small commission, the affiliate is able to benefit from PC World's brand awareness which can often result in sales being generated on a regular basis. Big Tyres offer you 5% on all purchases made through your affiliate link.

How does it work?

With the Big Tyres Affiliate programme simply visit:, click the sign up link at the bottom of the page, then find the links and banners in the menu to start referring new customers with. Simply place any of the banners in your website, newsletter, Twitter or Facebook feed strategically so that people will be inclined to click through. Once a new customer has clicked your link any purchase made with in 90 days will be assigned to your affiliate account (most affiliate schemes only give your customers 30 days to complete their purchase).

Where can I use it?

Most affiliate programmes are marketed on the home page (or other popular pages) of your website as that's where you'll get most of your traffic, and be able to maximise the true potential of your Affiliate Account, getting that regular 5% commission. Another handy place for you to earn your 5% would be on newsletters, copying a link, banner or or skyscraper at the side would be a handy place to remind people. Social Media has seen Affiliate Programmes grow exponentially! With the explosion of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vines and LinkedIn connecting with people is far too easy in todays world so maximising the programme via these formats is a swift and easy way to boost your your earning potential.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus...

Website - Use any unutilised space on your site with our banners or skyscrapers.

Newsletters - Send out a newsletter? put a link in to make your readers aware and keep generating that income.

Email - Have a long contact list that may benefit from our extensive range? Send them an email to let them know, and why not add your link to your email signature, then every email is a potential sale!

Ebay - Sell reviews or product guides on ebay. There are strict guidelines to follow, but placing affiliate links legally in eBay can drive massive traffic yourway.

Paid Advertising - There are infinite websites that sell advertising space, find a cost effective rate and get hundreds of clicks sent through your link. This is the easiest way to get high volume traffic, and hence high volume of orders! The key is finding a cost effective rate that still allows you to make a healthy profit!

Does it really work?

Of course! A typical set of budget tractor tyres can cost £2000 so your commission on that would be £100 which would be £100 profit due to the affiliate programme costing you nothing. And with our team at Big Tyres to aid you in any way possible to get your Affiliate Account up and running in a successful way, realising your earning potential is a sure thing. Head over to now and sign up to get started!

By Big Tyres Team 2 January 2018
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