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February 2015

Michelin Showcases New Lifebib Tyre at SIMA 2015

Michelin tyres has brought a prototype VF 710/70 R42 LifeBib tyre to the Paris agribusiness fair and is promoting it as a tyre that can be used throughout the crop cycle, from sowing to harvest.

By Big Tyres Team 24 February 2015

Trelleborgs Pit Stop Line for Forklift Tyres

Trelleborg’s Pit Stop Line technology launched last year, the technology lets you know, with 100% certainty, whether your forklift tyres are worn out and need replacing!

By Big Tyres Team 20 February 2015

6 Agricultural Tyre Tips You Need To Know

If you are looking to get the most out of your current tyres or take great care of your new ones, then these are the best practices and regular checks you will need!

By Big Tyres Team 10 February 2015

Foam Filling Your Tyres For Puncture Prevention

Machines working in severe and hazardous conditions can suffer punctures on an almost daily basis. Foam filled tyres cannot be punctured, reducing costly downtime and the need to replace your tyres.

By Big Tyres Team 2 February 2015
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