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Bronze Age Wheel Found in Cambridgeshire

A complete Bronze Age wheel believed to be the largest and earliest of its kind has been unearthed in the UK. Still containing its hub, the 3ft-diameter wooden wheel dates from about 1,100 to 800 BC!

By Big Tyres Team 31 October 2017

OJ Simpsons Infamous Ford Bronco is Now Worth $300,000 (£212,630)

A Ford Bronco 90 million people watched lead the LAPD on a low-speed car chase through LA has been living under a blue tarp in a California garage. Inside Edition found one of the most recognisable vehicles & drove it!

By Big Tyres Team 23 February 2016

VIDEO: Brilliant Tractor Christmas Light Show

Take a look at these tractors, providing an amazing light show for Christmas 2015!

By Big Tyres Team 4 December 2015

Ferrari Designers Create a Concept Tractor

Italian designer Pininfarina, the visionaries of some of the most famous supercars, has released its tractor Zetor. It has blacked-out windows & curved bodywork finished with metallic cherry red Ferrari paint .

By Big Tyres Team 1 December 2015

Historic Tractor Collection Sells for Over £500,000

The world’s most complete collection of Ferguson farm machinery has sold for more than £500,000 at an auction, which attracted interest from over 1,200 people.

By Big Tyres Team 26 November 2015

Cars Parked On This Farmer's Land - So He Ploughed The Field Around Them!

You clearly don’t mess with Croatian farmers, as one actually ploughed a field around some cars, just to show everyone you shouldn’t park there!

By Big Tyres Team 25 November 2015

Driving across Australia in a tractor

How would you feel driving 8,500KM across Australia in a tractor? XTractor are doing it in partnership with BKT tyres and McCormick Tractors!

By Big Tyres Team 8 October 2015

Video: The Competition of the Flying Tyres

Which tyre will fly the longest? Which one will roll the furthest? Why are there people standing in the path of flying tyres? Watch the video to find out

By Big Tyres Team 11 September 2015

Shropshire Tractor Event Raises Money for Charity

It’s not every weekend that you get to see 40 tractors of all shapes, sizes and ages trail across the county’s remote high places.

By Big Tyres Team 28 August 2015

Simply Amazing Colour Changing Paint on Car

This has blown our minds here at Big Tyres.

By Big Tyres Team 28 August 2015
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