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Tube-Type (TT) vs Tubeless (TL) Tyres

Pneumatic tyres come in two main types: Tube-Type (TT) and Tubeless (TL). Because tyre rubber is naturally porous, an extra layer is required to keep the assembly air-tight & maintain the seal between the tyre & the rim.

By Big Tyres Team 18 November 2016

Michelin's Top 10 Tips For Effective Tyre and Wheel Management

Michelin is urging farmers to prepare for a smooth-running harvest and shares its top 10 tips for effective tyre and wheel management. Michelin's Technical Manager, Gordon Brookes, gives his advice.

By Big Tyres Team 16 July 2015

The Hidden Dangers of Part Worn Tyres

Cash-strapped drivers are putting themselves, their passengers and other road users at serious risk of injury by opting for part worn tyres, according to campaign group TyreSafe.

By Big Tyres TEam 6 July 2015

Learn The Differences Between Radial & Crossply Tyres

Crossply tyres and Radial tyres are made using completely different methods, and their internal structure affects the performance of the tyre at every level. Learn the differences here.

By Big Tyres Team 24 March 2015

6 Agricultural Tyre Tips You Need To Know

If you are looking to get the most out of your current tyres or take great care of your new ones, then these are the best practices and regular checks you will need!

By Big Tyres Team 10 February 2015

Foam Filling Your Tyres For Puncture Prevention

Machines working in severe and hazardous conditions can suffer punctures on an almost daily basis. Foam filled tyres cannot be punctured, reducing costly downtime and the need to replace your tyres.

By Big Tyres Team 2 February 2015

8 Amazing Tips on Storing Your Tyres Correctly

The life expectancy of your tyres is impossible to predict. You can increase the life and performance of your truck tyres, tractor tyres and car tyres however, by properly handling and storing them when they are not in use.

By Big Tyres Team 16 December 2014

Fitting Tubes in Tubeless Tyres

It is NOT recommended to install tubes in tubeless tyres, because of the potential danger of experiencing a sudden loss of pressure due to the tube not being seated properly or the tyre being punctured.

By Big Tyres Team 12 September 2014

Learn About Tyre Tread Patterns and Their Differences

It is important to choose the right tyre for the job. Each manufacturer will produce its own range of unique tyre patterns, but most of these fall into broad categories based on the application. Here is a summary.

By Big Tyres Team 1 September 2014

The Effects of Incorrect Tractor Tyre Pressure

There are many adverse effects that arise from incorrectly inflating your tractor tyres, such as soil compaction, unnecessary fuel consumption, lost time and avoidable wear on both the machine and the tyres.

By Big Tyres Team 18 September 2013
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