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The Effects of Incorrect Tractor Tyre Pressure

The Effects of Incorrect Tractor Tyre Pressure


There are many adverse effects that arise from incorrectly inflating your tractor tyres. Soil compaction is frequently caused by over inflated tyres. Over inflating your tyres will increase the amount of spin and increase the depth that the machine sinks into the ground. This leads to unnecessary fuel consumption, lost time and avoidable wear on both the machine and the tyres.

That is not the only damage over-inflating your tractor tyres can cause. The compacted soil limits the root development of the crops and in addition, stagnated water can collect. Both of these will lead to lower yields and lower quality crops, and in addition, operating costs will rise due to having to do deep tillage to ensure the compaction layer is broken up.

It is worth noting too that under inflation will cause irreversible damage to the tyre casings and manoeuvrability at low speeds will be harder. Over inflating will result in vibration and more bounce in the ride.

Having the right tyre pressure increases the surface area that the tractor tyre which has in contact with the ground, thus reducing the spin and machine sinkage. The correct tyre pressure prevents premature wear of the tyre and produces a more comfortable ride.

By Big Tyres Team 18 September 2013
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