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Making Quad Bikes and Quad Bike Tyres Road Legal

Making Quad Bikes and Quad Bike Tyres Road Legal


Requirements for a Road Legal Quad Bike

ATV owners are often unaware of all the legislation that governs the use of quad bike vehicles and quad bike tyres. To be able to drive a quad bike on a road, the driver must hold a full car licence, or a full motorcycle licence category B1 if issued before February 2001.

To drive a quadbike on the road, the ATV has to be approved by one of the following bodies:

  1. The European Whole Vehicle Type Approval System
  2. UK National Small Series Type Approval
  3. UK Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Scheme

These schemes ensures the quad bike meets the safety and environmental standards agreed within the UK and Europe. Once it is type approved, you can then register and tax the vehicle with the DVLA.

To use the quad bike legally on public roads, it must been fitted with the following lighting:

  1. Front white lights
  2. Rear red lights
  3. Rear red reflectors
  4. Number plate lamps

If you are intending to reach speeds of up to 25 mph then you must have all of the above, and in addition:

  1. Dipped-beam headlights, white
  2. Front and rear indicators, amber
  3. Hazard warning lights

Driving at speeds of over 25 mph requires you to have, in addition to the above:

  1. Main beam headlights, white
  2. Rear fog lights, red
  3. Brake lights, red

Quad bikes tyres must be E-Marked in order to pass the MOT and be road legal. Look for the E Mark symbol on your tyre sidewall to check.

Taxing Quad Bikes

To qualify for a nil tax disc, you must register your vehicle as a concessionary vehicle and you must only use your quad bike for agriculture, horticulture or forestry work. Proof of this will have to be provided to the DVLA. Then the quad bike can display a current nil tax disc, and failure to display this can result in a fine.

If you are unable to register an ATV as a concessionary vehicle for road use, then you must comply with the legislation and register it as a private light goods vehicle. The amount due to be paid will depend on the year of registration and the weight of the vehicle.

Fuel for Quad Bikes

You can only use red diesel in quad bikes where their use is restricted to off road use and they are not licensed. Red diesel is also permitted for “light agricultural vehicles.” These must have a weight under 1,000 kg, and have to be used in connection with agriculture, horticulture or forestry and be designed principally for use otherwise than on a road.

Safety Requirements

If you are driving your ATV off road, then you do not need a driving licence or any training. However, if you are using a quad bike as part of your employment, your employer has to provide you with training from a recognised training organization. Failure to do this can result in the employer being fined and served with an improvement notice by the Health and Safety Executive.

Posted in: Tyre Knowledge
By Big Tyres Team 24 July 2013
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