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Mitas AirCell Debuts at Spanish Show

Mitas AirCell Debuts at Spanish Show


Mitas exhibited a new product at FIMA in Zaragoza, Spain during 16-20 February. The AirCell is an inner tyre that enables the inflation of large agricultural tyres by +/- 1 bar (from 0.8 bar to 1.8 bar) within half a minute. It is more than 10 times faster than the current method of inflation.

“Mitas AirCell was developed to reduce tyre filling waiting time, cut fuel costs, protect the soil, increase the life of the tyre and improve handling characteristics during on-road transportation. Mitas AirCell also provides synergies for the integration of tyre inflation systems into the complex structure of high-tech tractors. At Mitas, innovations which benefit the farmer and agriculture are a key development goal,” said Hans-Ulrich Klose, head of the automotive engineering unit at Mitas.

An important characteristic of the AirCell is that it not only enables rapid tyre inflation but it helps to release the pressure just as fast again as the volume of the outer tyre is reduced by up to 30 percent. AirCell is not in contact with the tyre itself and so it does not create any additional friction or heating.

Mitas AirCell is located on the rim inside the tyre and occupies about 30% of the volume of the tyre. It has been designed for the Mitas 710/75 R42 SFT, with other sizes will follow after. AirCell is continuously inflated to a maximum of 8 bar during the tyres use, releasing some of the pressure on demand enabling a rapid increase of pressure into the agricultural tyre itself adjusting the pressure in seconds rather than minutes.

Take a look at the Video explaining the Mitas AirCell!

By Big Tyres Team 24 February 2016
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