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New Land Rover Defender Coming by 2019

New Land Rover Defender Coming by 2019


The iconic Land Rover Defender is getting ready for the end of its production, but a groundbreaking follow-up is coming. The British off-roading legend will get a new generation in 2018 that will feature five body styles. The new car will have to sell 100,000 units a year instead of 10,000 as the current generation to attain long-term financial sustainability.

The future Defender range will feature five body styles to suit the wishes of a wider array of customers. Therefore, the range will feature a couple of two-door variants, a long wheelbase four-door unit, and two pick-up derivatives, of the two-door and four-door variety.

Despite presenting a suite of concepts that showcased future design possibilities, Land Rover's design director specified that the next British off-road icon would bear no resemblance to those concepts. Therefore, a completely new design is in store for the upcoming off-road legend designed by the Solihull-based manufacturer.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's Design Director, promises the future Defender will look in such a way that "people will recognize it's a Defender." This means we can expect a modern interpretation of the legendary shapes, adapted to current aerodynamic and pedestrian safety standards and expectations.

The first confirmed major change in the Defender's future will be the model's position in the manufacturer's range. Instead of the utilitarian side of the range, the future Defender will be established between the Discovery range and the Range Rover portfolio. The next Defender will feature a rugged design, but the car won't be "as hardcore" as the current model.

The decision to "de-hardcore" the Defender could mean several things. First of all, the car might get a more road-going orientation. Secondly, the future Defender is expected to feature easy-to-use controls, which implies a lighter steering, an improved gearshift linkage, and a more car-like general feeling while driving.

We're interested to see what they come up with!

By Big Tyres Team 22 February 2016
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