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New Land Rover Defender Coming by 2019

The iconic Land Rover Defender is getting ready for the end of its production, but a groundbreaking follow-up is coming.

By Big Tyres Team 22 February 2016

Simply Amazing Colour Changing Paint on Car

This has blown our minds here at Big Tyres.

By Big Tyres Team 28 August 2015

Charge Your Electric Car As you Drive

Charge your electric car as you drive! Sound far fetched, its not!

By Big Tyres Team 28 August 2015

Awards for Hankook's Amazing Concept Tyres

Hankook Tire reports that several concept tyres it developed in collaboration with Germany’s Pforzheim University have landed 2015 Red Dot Design Award and 2015 IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) honours.

By Big Tyres Team 20 August 2015

Ford New Lighting Tech Helps Drivers See the Light

When driving in the dark, pedestrians, cyclists and animals can sometimes appear out of nowhere, but new technology could make it easier for motorists to spot them in the future.

By Big Tyres Team 28 July 2015

BMW Looks To Charge Vehicles Using Streetlights

BMW are proposing a new way to charge electric vehicles, using streetlights!

By Big Tyres Team 3 June 2015

Toyota Planning Brilliant Open-Wheel Sports Car Concept

Rumor has it that Toyota is planning a rather spectacular new sports car concept for debut later this year.

By Big Tyres Team 28 May 2015
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