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NFU Taking 50 Tractors into 50 Schools

Farmers in Lincolnshire are planning to take their tractors into schools. No – it’s not a demonstration or a protest. It’s our way of showing kids the information that should be the foundation of their education - where their food comes from. NFU's East Midlands regional communications adviser, Alison Pratt, explains.

By Big Tyres Team 17 February 2016

Cars Parked On This Farmer's Land - So He Ploughed The Field Around Them!

You clearly don’t mess with Croatian farmers, as one actually ploughed a field around some cars, just to show everyone you shouldn’t park there!

By Big Tyres Team 25 November 2015

Bill Gates Supports World's Poorest Farmers

The Richest Gives to the Poorest

By Big Tyres Team 2 September 2015
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