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How To Take Care of Your Tyres

Tyres need to be checked regularly, not only for pressure and wear but also for signs of damage and other issues. Here are our top tips for looking after your tyres to improve performance and safety.

By Big Tyres Team 13 October 2017

How To Determine The Age of Your Tyres

The age of a tyre affects performance & safety, with most manufacturers recommending that tyres are replaced regularly. There is no age limit for tyres, but it is generally advisable to inspect any tyres older than 5 years.

By Big Tyres Team 13 October 2017

Trelleborgs Pit Stop Line for Forklift Tyres

Trelleborg’s Pit Stop Line technology launched last year, the technology lets you know, with 100% certainty, whether your forklift tyres are worn out and need replacing!

By Big Tyres Team 20 February 2015

8 Amazing Tips on Storing Your Tyres Correctly

The life expectancy of your tyres is impossible to predict. You can increase the life and performance of your truck tyres, tractor tyres and car tyres however, by properly handling and storing them when they are not in use.

By Big Tyres Team 16 December 2014
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