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How To Take Care of Your Tyres

Tyres need to be checked regularly, not only for pressure and wear but also for signs of damage and other issues. Here are our top tips for looking after your tyres to improve performance and safety.

By Big Tyres Team 13 October 2017

Mitas AirCell Debuts at Spanish Show

Mitas exhibited a new product at FIMA in Zaragoza, Spain during 16-20 February. The AirCell is an inner tyre that enables the inflation of large agricultural tyres by +/- 1 bar (from 0.8 bar to 1.8 bar) within half a minute. It is more than 10 times faster than the current method of inflation.

By Big Tyres Team 24 February 2016

Trelleborg to Launch TM700 ProgressiveTraction Tractor Tyre Range

Trelleborgs ProgressiveTraction TM700's time to peacock is over, as its application in the field begins.

By Big Tyres Team 16 March 2015

6 Agricultural Tyre Tips You Need To Know

If you are looking to get the most out of your current tyres or take great care of your new ones, then these are the best practices and regular checks you will need!

By Big Tyres Team 10 February 2015

How To Choose the Right Compact Tractor Tyres

Compact tractors are very versatile machines.and have the ability to get the job done in almost any setting. That ability, however, is highly dependent on having the right tyres for the application.

By Big Tyres Team 12 January 2015

Trelleborg Tyres Chosen for Farming Simulator 2015 Video Game

Trelleborg Tyre group has been selected by GIANTS Software as an official partner of the new Farming Simulator 15 video game.

By Big Tyres Team 5 December 2014

How to Fit or Remove your Tractor Tyres

Make sure that any fitting or removal of tyres is performed by fully qualified and trained professionals. Make sure the correct tools are used and the proper procedures are followed.

By Big Tyres Team 25 November 2014

How To Reduce Soil Compaction Caused by Tractor Tyres

Soil compaction from heavy agricultural machinery is one of the main processes that damages the soil around us. Soil compaction can pose a great economic impact & can end up consuming a great deal of fuel & time.

By Big Tyres Team 21 November 2014

How To Choose The Right Tractor Tyre Pattern

Selection of the correct tyre should be through a thorough consideration of the size required, soil conditions encountered, tasks to be done, and price. Keep reading for more information to help in your decision making.

By Big Tyres Team 30 October 2014

Learn About Tyre Tread Patterns and Their Differences

It is important to choose the right tyre for the job. Each manufacturer will produce its own range of unique tyre patterns, but most of these fall into broad categories based on the application. Here is a summary.

By Big Tyres Team 1 September 2014
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