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NFU Taking 50 Tractors into 50 Schools

Farmers in Lincolnshire are planning to take their tractors into schools. No – it’s not a demonstration or a protest. It’s our way of showing kids the information that should be the foundation of their education - where their food comes from. NFU's East Midlands regional communications adviser, Alison Pratt, explains.

By Big Tyres Team 17 February 2016

Ferrari Designers Create a Concept Tractor

Italian designer Pininfarina, the visionaries of some of the most famous supercars, has released its tractor Zetor. It has blacked-out windows & curved bodywork finished with metallic cherry red Ferrari paint .

By Big Tyres Team 1 December 2015

Driving across Australia in a tractor

How would you feel driving 8,500KM across Australia in a tractor? XTractor are doing it in partnership with BKT tyres and McCormick Tractors!

By Big Tyres Team 8 October 2015

Red Tractor Week has Started!

This week, farmers around the country will be talking to shoppers outside supermarkets to encourage them to buy British foods and look for the Red Tractor logo.

By Big Tyres Team 14 September 2015

Shropshire Tractor Event Raises Money for Charity

It’s not every weekend that you get to see 40 tractors of all shapes, sizes and ages trail across the county’s remote high places.

By Big Tyres Team 28 August 2015

Alliance Introduce Their New Row Crop Tyre Range

Alliance Tire Group has introduced IF (Improved Flexion) and VF (Very improved flexion) low pressure Alliance 354 Agriflex and 354 Agriflex + (VF) narrow radials!

By Big Tyres Team 30 June 2015

New Holland Unveil Methane Powered Tractor

New Holland Agriculture has unveiled its prototype for a methane-powered tractor, the T6.175.

By Big Tyres Team 25 June 2015

Michelin Introduces YieldBib Agri Tyre Range

Michelin has introduced its new YieldBib agricultural tyre range for high horse powered tractors and other machinery in the UK & Ireland.

By Big Tyres Team 18 June 2015

Daredevil farmer tackles steep Cornish hills

On his family’s north Cornwall farm, Robert Hooper regularly ventures on to steep ground where most people find it hard to keep their footing and stand upright.

By Big Tyres Team 10 June 2015

The Amazing World Of RC Farming

Remote controlled model farming is taken seriously all over the world. Thousands of enthusiasts each year flock to see model versions of the real life farming machinery put through their paces in fantastic miniature farming worlds. Tractors, Loaders, Scrapers, Balers... you name it and they are in action!

By Big Tyres Team 1 June 2015
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