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Tractor Tyre Ballasting

Tractor Tyre Ballasting


Tyre ballasting is where the tubeless tractor tyre or inner tube is filled with water in order to provide extra weight to stabilise a tractor. It can also be used to lower the centre of gravity of the machine which, in turn, makes it more stable in situations where the ground is uneven.

Agricultural tyre valves are usually of the ‘air and water type’. Once the tyre has been fitted on the tractor or machine, the tyre is deflated to a low level of pressure, around 7psi or 0.5 bars. You need to position the tractor tyre with the air/water valve at the top of the tyre, and then fill the tyre or inner tube with water.

This is done by using the correct air/water adapter on the end of the water hosepipe and airline. It’s a good idea to add anti-freeze to the water in case temperature drop below freezing, and then only ballast the tyre up to a maximum of 75% of the tyre volume, which is usually to the level of the tyre valve and thus which allows the air to escape. Finally, finish inflating the tyre with air and adjust the pressure as required.

As only 25% of the tractor tyre or inner tube is filled with air, you should regularly check the air pressure in the tyre, we suggest once per month.

Disclaimer - Procedures mentioned are purely suggestive and recommended practices. Big Tyres Ltd holds no responsibility of any consequences thereof. Data can be amended at any point without prior notice and at sole discretion of Big Tyres Ltd.

Posted in: Tyre Knowledge
By Big Tyres Team 21 August 2013
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