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Tubeless Tractor Tyre Information

Tubeless Tractor Tyre Information


Instead of using a tube fitted inside the tractor tyre, a tubeless tractor tyre uses an inner liner of special rubber so that air leaks from within the tyre and rim are less likely to occur. Should, however, a sharp object like a nail or screw to penetrate the tyre and cause a puncture, there is no sudden loss of air pressure. Some tubeless tyres use airtight, binding cement on the inside of the inner liner to lessen air leakage every further. A tyre that does not go flat has not yet been invented, so it is always necessary to check over tyres before using any vehicle to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

The advantages of a tubeless tyre are that it maintains the air pressure within the tyre so that sudden air leakage does not occur. The tyre is in direct contact with the rim as a result of the improved heat emission. There is no tube to be maintained or repaired and this can lead to increased operational efficiency.

Conversely, the disadvantages are that if a crack appears inside the tractor tyre bead, separation can occur. Air leakage can occur in the case of an imperfect tyre and rim assembly. Caution must be taken when driving off-road as rocks and obstacles can damage the rim flange resulting in air leakage.

Posted in: Tyre Knowledge
By Big Tyres Team 26 October 2012
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