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Double Happiness Tyres

Double Happiness Tyres

Double Happiness tyres are manufactured in China by Double Happiness Tyre Industrial Co. Ltd, who were founded in 1958, and are among China's most prominent tyre manufacturers. The Double Happiness range range of tyres spans more than 600 products, mostly in the heavy truck sector. They offer reliable quality at an attractive price point. Their tyres are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in North America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. They also sell tyres locally in the Chinese market and are a long-term OEM supplier to a number of Chinese manufacturers.

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The brand owner, Double Happiness Tyre Industrial Co, is a part of the China National Tire & Rubber Corp. They have an annual production capacity of 900,000 all-steel radial tires and one million nylon bias tires. The company makes tyres for special use, OTR, industrial vehicles, trucks, light trucks, and farm trucks. The company has its own technology development center and TS16949 certification, China Compulsory certification, American DOT and EU’s EUECE, amongst others. It has ranked among the global top 75 tire manufacturers for many years. The all-steel radial production line uses Italian Pirelli technology and their main production equipment is German, Dutch, Italian, American, and Japanese.

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Double Happiness Tyre Details

Double Happiness DD932 Tyres

The Double Happiness DD932 tyres is a truck and bus radial tyre from Double Happiness. The DD932 is suitable for express way, high way and urban road use. The tyre features an open shoulder design and a mixed pattern tread structure, which gives the Double Happiness DD932 tyre excellent traction performance, good road holding and helps prevent slippage. Double Hapiness DD932 tyre is suitable for the drive axle position of your truck.

Double Happiness DR902 Tyres

The Double Happiness DR902 tyre has a special tread compound designed to help fight irregular wear and provide longer life in trailer and all-position applications. the DR902 features a 5-rib design that promotes premium handling and reduced noise. In addition, four steel belts provide the Double Happiness DR902 tyre casing with extra strength for excellent durability, toughness and retreadability.

Double Happiness DR905 Tyres

The Double Happiness DR905 tyre has a special tread pattern and a high load index making it suitable for multiple uses. The DR905 is especially good in free rolling applications due to its 6-rib design. It also come with a durable tyre casing helping the Double Happiness DR905 to provide a long tread life and help accommodate multiple retreads.

Double Happiness DR908 Tyres

The Double Happiness DR908 Tyre has a strong all-position tread pattern that is designed for multiple on and off highway uses. The DR908 offers you a cut, chip and tear resistant tread compound, and a heavy duty tyre casing construction giving it excellent overall performance in tough applications. The Double Happiness DR908 tyre also has a high load carrying capacity so is suitable for heavy load applications.

Double Happiness DR919 Tyres

The Double Happiness DR919 truck tyre has a widened tread design and good wear resistance characteristics. The DR919 tyre has a special block tread design, featuring increased grooves vertically and laterally. The Double Happiness DR919 has good anti-slip performance, with deep tread design and a wear-resistance compound formula to provide a longer tread life. The four groove design minimises rolling resistance and increases fuel-efficient The Double Happiness DR919 gives you control and performance and is suitable for the steer axle of heavy trucks.

Double Happiness DR920 Tyres

The Double Happiness DR920 tyre has an advanced tread compound and a tough internal construction that provide low rolling resistance and promote longer mileage. The DR920's closed-shoulder tread pattern gives even wear while maintaining excellent traction. The Double Happiness DR920 has a deep 26/32" tread depth, along with with stone drilling protectors, which together help ensure good wear and long original mileage.