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Galaxy Tyres

Galaxy Tyres

The Galaxy Tyre brand was born in America and offers a wide range of Agri, Industrial and Turf Care tyres. You can rely on Galaxy tyres to provide superior performance, long life and exceptional value, and is why the brand has amassed a loyal and growing following. Galaxy’s agricultural range is designed for a wide variety of field and transport uses, including tractors, wagons, self-propelled machines and implements. Galaxy’s range of SkidSteer and Contract utility tyres are a popular choice for leading OEM and aftermarket users, and their range covers the entire gamut of applications, machines, industries and usage surfaces. The Galaxy Hulk offers one of the highest tread depths in the segment while the Galaxy Beefy Baby has been the global standard bearer for the brand for more than two decades.

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Galaxy Tyre Details

Galaxy Agri Trac II Tyres

The Galaxy Agri Trac II tyre has a modern, curved 45 degree lug design for both smooth riding on the road, and excellent traction in all field conditions. Its special stepped surfaces between lugs facilitate cleaning in very muddy conditions. The Galaxy Agri Trac II tyre features a wide nose bar providing extra life on hard surfaces/roading.

Galaxy Beefy Baby Tyres

The Galaxy Beefy Baby tyre features a robust construction and users dealers and OEMs have all acknowledged that the Galaxy Beefy Baby is the ‘beefiest’ and best-performing R-4 skid steer tyre in the world. The superior tread pattern ensures high traction in varied terrains with excellent self-cleaning. The Galaxy Beefy Baby tyre has reinforced sidewalls, giving high load-carrying capacity and safeguards against side damage.

Galaxy Beefy Baby III Tyres

The Galaxy Beefy Baby III tyre is an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications on tough job-sites. The reinforced lug design ensures excellent traction, self-cleaning, and ground contact. The Galaxy Beefy Baby III tyre features a robust sidewall with rim shield protector safeguards the tyre against damages.

Galaxy Dig Master Tyres

The Galaxy Dig Master excavator tyre features a durable construction that provides good puncture resistance and stability. The improved tread design of the Galaxy Dig Master gives you good traction in off-road conditions, as well as an improved tread life. The Dig Master has excellent self cleaning and gives the user a smooth ride

Galaxy EarthPro 45 Tyres

The Galaxy EarthPro 45 Tyre has an optimised 45 degree lug angle to ensures good roadability while on the road and superior self cleaning in the field. The Galaxy EarthPro 45 tyre life is enhanced by a compound designed for low wear, additional rubber at lug centres, and stabilised lugs thanks to an evenly distributed tie bar. The tyres specially designed lug angles and radius prevents lug base cracks. The Galaxy EarthPro 45 tyre has an additional rubber layer that improves penetration resistance. It also features tougher sidewalls to provide deflection stability and protection from external damages.

Galaxy EarthPro 650 Tyres

The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 650 Tyre is extra wide and available for use in agricultural tractors and combine harvesters for farming. The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 650 has increased load capacity for the same inflation pressure ensuring the low inflation pressure combined with large footprint helps reduce soil compaction. Low angled lugs of the tyre at the shoulder area improve traction, while higher angles around the tyre centre line of the EARTH-PRO 650 Tyre improve the rider's comfort.

Galaxy EarthPro 700 Tyres

The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 700 Tyre has an all-new advanced lug design with steep angles in the centre for a smooth ride, long wear and self-cleaning and improved tread compound provide exceptional working life. The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 700 has low angles at the shoulder for increased traction providing greatly improved hillside stability. The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 700 Tyre has a highly versatile and modern design providing excellent road wear and ride comfort while at the same time providing high traction in the field with pads between the lugs act as mud breakers.

Galaxy EarthPro 800 Tyres

The Galaxy EarthPro 800 is an Agricultural Radial offering excellent performance. The pads between the lugs, apart from adding strength to the tyre, act as mud breakers to enhance their self-cleaning characteristics. The Galaxy EarthPro 800 provides a smooth ride both on & off road is enabled by the multi-angle lug design with steep angle in the centre.

Galaxy EarthPro 850 Tyres

The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 850 Tyre has an all-new advanced lug design with steep angles in the centre for a smooth ride, long wear and self-cleaning and improved tread compound provide exceptional working life. The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 850 has low angles at the shoulder for increased traction providing greatly improved hillside stability. The Galaxy EARTH-PRO 850 Tyre has a highly versatile and modern design providing excellent road wear and ride comfort while at the same time providing high traction in the field with pads between the lugs act as mud breakers.

Galaxy EarthPro F2 Tyres

The Galaxy Earth-Pro F2 features an optimised rib design to achieve easy driving ON/OFF road application. IT delivers tyre life enhancement by using a special compound designed for low wear, and an additional rubber at centre rib. The Galaxy Earth-Pro F2 has specially designed RIB angles and radius for better road ability, improved sidewall deflection on loading for better stability, and an aesthetically improved modern F2 design. The tyre also has an additional rubber layer to provide under tread to improve penetration resistance

Galaxy EarthPro R1 Tyres

The Galaxy EarthPro R1 tyre has a 23 degree tread which offers maximum traction, while distinct terracing in the space between the lugs is designed to enhance self-cleaning and provide constant traction in soft soil and mud. The state-of the art neutral casing mould design minimizes stresses from the under inflated to the inflated tyre, resulting in enhanced long-term reliability of the Galaxy EarthPro R1 tyre.

Galaxy EarthPro RC Tyres

The Galaxy EarthPro RC tyre is the latest addition to the Galaxy's superior range of agricultural tyres designed with the changing needs of sprayer operations in mind. The Galaxy EarthPro RC tyre, with its high tread depth and "D" speed rating, provides excellent traction and high speed, ensuring increased productivity and reduction in transportation time. The Galaxy EarthPro RC tyre has excellent self-cleaning, enhanced crop protection and many more such advantages making it the perfect choice for agricultural needs.

Galaxy EZ Rider Tyres

The Galaxy EZ Rider derives its name from the smooth ride it provides thanks to its rounded tread bars that reduce tyre skip and vibration. The Galaxy EZ Rider are built with mud breakers to efficiently eject mud and debris from the tyre in order to maintain its strong pulling power. Galaxy has also integrated a rim guard and its Super Sidewall protection to ensure rim and sidewall integrity no matter how demanding the application.

Galaxy FlotPro Tyres

The Galaxy FlotPro tyre is specially designed for low end applications like balers, wagons and other agricultural implements. It displays excellent flotation and self cleaning characteristics. The Galaxy FlotPro tyre has moderate traction flotation profile and provides maximum soil protection and low soil compaction.

Galaxy Flotstar Tyres

The Galaxy Flotstar tyre is the latest offering in the Radial Flotation Segment. Designed with a unique Non directional tread design that provides superior Traction and mobility in both field and on road and enables self cleaning. The Galaxy Flotstar tyre has a steel-belted construction that prevents damages and ensures long life, uniform footprint ensuring better soil protection.

Galaxy Garden Pro Tyres

The Galaxy Garden Pro is a mixed-service radial tyre developed specifically for small tractors used in gardening, orchards and vineyards, and also for use on hard surfaces such as roads. The block tread pattern is nearly 50% deeper than typical R-3 tyres, with the directional block pattern providing a low rate of wear as well as great flotation. The Galaxy Garden Pro tyre has low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy, and is available in a full range of sizes for the front and rear of compact tractors.

Galaxy Garden Pro XTD Tyres

The Galaxy Garden Pro XTD is a mixed-service radial tyre developed specifically for small tractors used in gardening, orchards and vineyards. The Galaxy Garden Pro XTD tyre features nearly 50 per cent greater tread depth than typical R-3 tyres, and a solid-to-void tread ratio of 49:51 per cent - substantially more than typical R-1 or R-4 tyres. This makes it the ideal tyre of choice, providing complete range of rear and front tyres.

Galaxy Giraffe XLW Tyres

The Galaxy Giraffe XLW features an all new, multi-purpose design making it the optimal Backhoe tyre. The Galaxy Giraffe XLW tyre is engineered using a neutral casing design which minimizes stress on the tyre and thereby increases reliability and tyre life. The Galaxy Giraffe XLW tyre has solid centre tread blocks to deliver long wear and ride comfort characteristics while its aggressive, open shoulder lugs provide excellent off-road traction.

Galaxy High Lift Tyres

The Galaxy High Lift is an ideal radial tyre for off-the-road and agricultural services. The Galaxy High Lift is engineered with radial textile-carcass and polyester belt. Specific tread pattern enables wide range of applications, including construction machinery, as well as agro-industrial mechanizations, such as backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers.

Galaxy Hippo Tyres

The Galaxy Hippo tyre is designed for performance in soft and wet soil conditions. The Galaxy Hippo tyres are designed for operation in conditions where extra flotation is required and, in many cases can eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome tracks.

Galaxy HTSR 400 Tyres

The Galaxy HTSR 400 tyre is specially built for dump trucks that face extreme environments while hauling heavy loads. High tread depth ensures consistent traction and greater cut resistance making it the more productive choice. The Galaxy HTSR 400 tyre features the presence of a special compound ensuring minimum heat build-up while performing longer runs.

Galaxy Hulk Tyres

The Galaxy Hulk tyre is tailored to endure such tough settings. It is designed to provide good on-off road usage, exceptional puncture protection, high traction and overall long tyre life. The Galaxy Hulk tyre is built to be used in surroundings like construction sites, garbage yards, and recycling facilities - exposed to various obstacles like uneven surfaces, the presence of debris, stones, steep gradients and continuous to and fro movements.

Galaxy Imp Pro Tyres

The Galaxy IMP PRO is designed to ensure a large footprint and durability making it the preferred choice for grasslands and sensitive soil applications like foraging and manure spreading. The robust textile construction of the Galaxy IMP PRO provides high load carrying capacity and stability, thus ensuring its suitability for both on and off road applications. When used along with trailers, the Galaxy IMP PRO ensures controlled depth especially during seeding cycle. With all these attributes the Galaxy IMP PRO proves to be a reliable implement tyre that's one of a kind.

Galaxy Industrial R-1 Tyres

The Galaxy Industrial R-1 tyre is designed for telescopic handlers and European backhoes used in agricultural applications. The Galaxy Industrial R-1 tyre has earned a reputation around the world as a tyre that outlasts the competition and provides reliable service. These tyre provide extra traction in soft soil. In addition, the Rim Shield Protector adds to this tyres durability.

Galaxy Jumbo Hulk Tyres

The Galaxy Jumbo Hulk tyre has a unique tread pattern that allows it to operate in severe conditions while providing superior self-cleaning characteristics. Because of the deep tread depths and high solid to void ratio, the Galaxy Jumbo Hulk tyre L-4 provides extraordinary hours of service and reduces downtime caused due to cuts and punctures.

Galaxy LDSR 300 Tyres

The Galaxy LDSR 300 is specially constructed for wheel loaders operating in the toughest environments. Sturdy radial construction coupled with strong sidewall protector provides the Galaxy LDSR 300 tyre's superior strength and endurance to withstand challenging terrains. Premium tread compounds provide excellent protection against lug-tearing and chunking, helping the machine to perform efficiently without any downtime shaped tread pattern with stepped lugs ensure optimal traction and enhanced self cleaning assuring high productivity.

Galaxy Logmonster Tyres

The Galaxy Logmonster is an advanced diagonal forestry tyre developed for use by forestry heavy machines and logging industry. It is designed to work under extreme terrain conditions and provide long tyre life. Design allows high traction with low slippage. The Galaxy Logmonster tyre is constructed with strong nylon and steel belts, high under tread gauge, high and robust lugs, strong and thick sidewalls, special tread compound and protective mudguard.

Galaxy Mighty Mow Tyres

The Galaxy Mighty Mow is a turf-friendly tyre with a superior flotation design that will not damage grass or roots. The Galaxy Mighty Mow works exceptionally well on lawns, parks, golf courses, sports grounds and cemeteries, and any other professional grass maintenance role.

Galaxy MPC Tyres

The Galaxy MPC tyre is a first of its kind economical tyre developed for telehandlers and grader-loader applications. The Galaxy MPC tyre design provides optimal traction and heat and cut resistance for all types of grader-loader application. The design features also ensure excellent self cleaning characteristics and long life.

Galaxy Multi-Tough Tyres

The Galaxy Multi-Tough tyre is the go-to solution for all compact machineries. The innovative design of the tyre ensures low rolling resistance leading to low fuel consumption. The Galaxy Multi-Tough tyre features a non-directional tread pattern is optimized for both on and off road applications. It has high damping capability which absorbs road shocks and enables smooth ride.

Galaxy Rib Implement Tyres

The Galaxy Rib Implement tyre provides excellent performance for free rolling wheels on wagons, hay balers, bale racks, seeders, wind rowers and fertilizer spreaders. The Galaxy Rib Implement tyre helps easy steering of machinery and equipment due to the heavily grooved ribs.

Galaxy Seeder Stubble Proof Tyres

The Galaxy Seeder Stubble Proof is a tyre designed for Seeders.The tyre is stubble proof due to its unique design and severe-duty compound. This Galaxy Seeder Stubble Proof tyre also has Galaxy's unique reinforced under tread which gives it additional penetration protection.

Galaxy Skiddo Tyres

The Galaxy Skiddo tyre is a specialised tyre developed for skid steer application. The open and deep shoulders are designed for traction on loose off-road surfaces. The Galaxy Skiddo tyre features a flatter radius of the tyre improves wear resistance. Grooves between the lugs result in excellent self cleaning.

Galaxy Super High Lift Tyres

The Galaxy Super High Lift tyre is specially designed for telescopic handlers used in agriculture. The Galaxy Super High Lift tyre is also suitable for backhoes when extra traction is needed in soft soil. The flat, wide tread provides stability for telehandlers and high-lifting loaders. Its 45-degree lug design provides a smooth ride on hard surfaces.

Galaxy Super Industrial Lug Tyres

The Galaxy Super Industrial Lug is a classic, well accepted design built with more plies than other R-4 tyres providing superior strength and longer tread life. The Galaxy Super Industrial Lug's cleat is solid in the centre for wear and penetration protection. The design of this tyre has won it the distinction of being selected by several Original Equipment manufacturers.

Galaxy Super Trencher Tyres

The Galaxy Super Trencher is designed with super sidewall and rim shield protection, and works well on trenchers and many other types of machinery. Open deep shoulders provide superior traction on & off road and also excellent self-cleaning

Galaxy Turf Special Tyres

The Galaxy Turf Special tyre is purpose-built for sensitive ground, such as golf courses, sports grounds, cemeteries and any other professional grass maintenance role. The Galaxy Turf Special is also suitable for soft ground such as sugar sand. The Galaxy Turf Special sets the standard for grass preservation and minimised soil disturbance.

Galaxy Workmaster Tyres

The Galaxy Workmaster is an Agro Industrial pattern mainly developed in order to meet the needs of multiple operations performed by industrial vehicles such as telehandlers and Industrial tractors. The Galaxy Workmaster has a heavy R-1 lug design that combines the toughness of a construction tyre with the traction and self-cleaning of a tractor tyre.

Galaxy XD2010 Tyres

The Galaxy XD2010 tyre is specially designed for normal hour operations in applications like agriculture, construction and municipal works. The Galaxy XD2010 tyre provides superior traction and self cleaning properties with enhanced smooth ride on varied surfaces (mud, loose gravel, asphalt).