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Galaxy Tyres

Galaxy Tyres

The Galaxy Tyre brand was born in America and offers a wide range of Agri, Industrial and Turf Care tyres. You can rely on Galaxy tyres to provide superior performance, long life and exceptional value, and is why the brand has amassed a loyal and growing following. Galaxy’s agricultural range is designed for a wide variety of field and transport uses, including tractors, wagons, self-propelled machines and implements. Galaxy’s range of SkidSteer and Contract utility tyres are a popular choice for leading OEM and aftermarket users, and their range covers the entire gamut of applications, machines, industries and usage surfaces. The Galaxy Hulk offers one of the highest tread depths in the segment while the Galaxy Beefy Baby has been the global standard bearer for the brand for more than two decades.

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Galaxy Tyre Details

Galaxy Dig Master Tyres

The Galaxy Dig Master excavator tyre features a durable construction that provides good puncture resistance and stability. The improved tread design of the Galaxy Dig Master gives you good traction in off-road conditions, as well as an improved tread life. The Dig Master has excellent self cleaning and gives the user a smooth ride

Galaxy Garden Pro Tyres

The Galaxy Garden Pro is a mixed-service radial tyre developed specifically for small tractors used in gardening, orchards and vineyards, and also for use on hard surfaces such as roads. The block tread pattern is nearly 50% deeper than typical R-3 tyres, with the directional block pattern providing a low rate of wear as well as great flotation. The Galaxy Garden Pro tyre has low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy, and is available in a full range of sizes for the front and rear of compact tractors.

Galaxy Mighty Mow Tyres

The Galaxy Mighty Mow is a turf-friendly tyre with a superior flotation design that will not damage grass or roots. The Galaxy Mighty Mow works exceptionally well on lawns, parks, golf courses, sports grounds and cemeteries, and any other professional grass maintenance role.

Galaxy Turf Special Tyres

The Galaxy Turf Special tyre is purpose-built for sensitive ground, such as golf courses, sports grounds, cemeteries and any other professional grass maintenance role. The Galaxy Turf Special is also suitable for soft ground such as sugar sand. The Galaxy Turf Special sets the standard for grass preservation and minimised soil disturbance.