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Innova Tyres

Innova Tyres

Innova Rubber Co. was founded in Taiwan in 1995 with a business focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction and uncompromising quality. In this short span of time Innova tyres has grown to offer tyres in a wide variety of fields, ranging from bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, wheelchairs, industrial & agricultural utilities, lawn & garden equipment, golf carts, trailers, forklifts, and light trucks. Innova tyres obtained the ISO-9001 certification in 2003 for all of its facilities to ensure only the very best tyres are delivered to the end user.

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Innova IA-8003 Speed Gear Tyres

The Innova IA-8003 Speed Gear Tyre is a sport racing tyre that delivers good forward traction and improved handling.

Innova IA-8004 Mud Gear Tyres

The Innova Mud Gear IA-8004 tyre is aggressive and ideal for mud terrain. The deep tread pattern provides maximum grip and traction in deep mud, and the spaced out lugs give excellent mud clear out. The Innova IA-8004 Mud Gear tyre features an extra tough casing to help prevent punctures and the tyre is also e-marked in most sizes, so can be used on the road if needed.

Innova IA-8007 Land Hawk Tyres

The Innova IA-8007 Land Hawk Tyres are multi-conditions tyres for any terrain. They feature a short rectangular ‛V“ lug which offers good traction and a smooth ride. The Innova IA-8007 Land Hawk Tyres are an excellent aftermarket replacement tire for imported ATV’s.

Innova IA-8008 Hawk Gear Tyres

The Innova IA-8008 Hawk Gear Tyre has a semi curved chevron style tread with alternating notched lugs. The Innova IA-8008 Hawk Gear Tyre tread helps provide solid traction and control to cover a variety of terrains from soft dirt to hard pack surfaces.

Innova IA-8009 Knobby Gear Tyres

the Innova IA-8009 Knobby Gear Tyre features a dimpled knobbly pattern, with the dimples being spaced closely together for good traction over any type of terrain.

Innova IA-8022 Racer Tyres

The Innova IA-8022 Racer Tyre is a road legal quad tyre for street and highway use. The Innova IA-8022 Racer Tyre is E Marked so is suitable for street legal quads. The Innova IA-8022 Racer Tyre has a racing pattern with a deep semi-curved tread pattern designed for exceptional cornering and traction.

Innova IA-8028 Cyman Tyres

The Innova IA-8028 Cyman Tyre features an 'all trail' style tread pattern with diamond side lugs and double cut micro knurling on the shoulder. This means the Innova IA-8028 Cyman Tyre has can handle any terrain, and will dig itself out of ruts and go over rough obstacles.

Innova IA-8030 Cayman Turf Tyres

The Innova IA-8030 Cayman Turf tyre has a block pattern suitable for lawnmowers and ground care equipment.

Innova IA-8040 Xtreme Radial Tyres

The Innova IA-8040 Xtreme Radial tyre is designed for taking on any off camber terrain. The step down shoulder tread of the Innova IA-8040 Xtreme Radial tyre makes for easy handling over rocks and fallen trees. Built with a heavy duty tyre carcass the Innova IA-8040 Xtreme Radial tyre is made with durability and puncture resistance in mind.