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Kumho Tyres

Kumho Tyres

Kumho tyres are based in South Korea. Kumho Tyre export tyres worldwide and are one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers. Kumho makes tyres for cars, vans and trucks. Their tyres are thoroughly tested have been selected to be used as original equipment for vehicle brands such as Chevrolet, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Smart, Ssangyong and VW.

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Kumho KLA11 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KLA11's high-quality casing construction permits load capacities with high safety reserves. The Kumho KLA11 features Improved casing durability, and its wide tread area gives improved traction and mileage performance.

Kumho KLD03 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KLD03 features a radial construction optimised for long distances. The Kumho KLD03's compound minimises fuel consumption and improves durability, traction and stability.

Kumho KLT03 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KLT03 high-quality casing construction permits load capacities with high safety reserves. Its optimised outer grooves also improve water drainage and straight line stability.

Kumho KMA01 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KMA01 is an all-position tyre for on and off road applications. It features a new belt structure for enhanced casing durability.

Kumho KMA03 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KMA03 is an aggressive rib, all-position tyre for both on and off road conditions. It features special groove geometry to eliminate pattern damage and stone trapping.

Kumho KMA12 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KMA12 is an all-position tyre for construction site or highway use. Its dual tie-bar and wide footprint provide longer lasting tread life. The KMA12 also features a cut and chip compound to reduce damage.

Kumho KMD01 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KMD01 is a drive axle tyre for mixed service. It features a deep and sturdy tread pattern for high mileage and good stone and mud clearance. The Kumho KMD01 also features stable centre blocks that minimise tread damage in off-road service.

Kumho KRD02 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRD02 features a wide and deep tread which enhances cost per mile performance, driving stability and traction in highway use. Its new applied edge overlap on the end of working belts improves casing durability and mileage.

Kumho KRD50 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRD50 is a drive-axle tyre for regional service. The KRD50 features even wear performance for increased mileage, excellent braking and traction performance and full depth sipes to maintain traction for full life cycle.

Kumho KRS02 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRS02 is a good value commercial tyre suited for highway driving that delivers a quiet and comfortable ride. It features wide and strong shoulder ribs that help to resist irregular wear and scrubbing on curvy roads, a stone ejector implanted on central grooves that helps to prevent stone drilling and mini-sipes on the groove wall encourages even tread wear and traction.

Kumho KRS03 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRS03 features a wide and deep tread that enhances cost per mile performance and driving stability in highway service.

Kumho KRS50 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRS50 has up to 10% more mileage compared to its predecessor. The KRS50 features high molecular rubber for wear performance, high dispersion carbon for interaction with rubber and dual tread radius technology for even wear and regular distribution of contact pressure for improved mileage performance.

Kumho KRT02 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRT02 is a trailer axle tyre for regional service. Its deep and wide tread design brings longer mileage and even wear.

Kumho KRT03 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRT03 is a trailer axle tyre for regional service. Its deep and wide tread design produces improved mileage and even wear characteristics. The KRT03 has improved tread endurance over previous patterns with its optimised weight design.

Kumho KRT68 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KRT68 is a trailer axle tyre for regional service. It features high mileage and durability and its zig-zag design improves braking and traction performance.

Kumho KXD10 Tyres

The Kumho Tyres KXD10 boasts up to 15% more mileage compared to its predecessors. It features excellent all-season performance confirmed by the 3 peak mountain snow flake and M+S markings, Improved grip and enhanced handling performance due to hexagonal block pattern design and 3-dimensional sipes for better traction and increased mileage capability.