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Longmarch Tyres

Longmarch Tyres

Longmarch is a Chinese Manufacturer and has roots going back some 70 years. Longmarch is one of the leading manufacturers of Truck and Bus Radial Tyres and their tyres are supplied to over 70 countries around the world. They offer value and quality across their entire range. Every single tyre manufactured by Longmarch undergoes an X-Ray Inspection to ensure that there are no defects before production release. Several additional performance and quality tests are done including: Endurance Testing, Dynamic Balancing, Shearography NDT, Rubber Compound Viscosity & Rheometery, Breaking Energy Testing.

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Longmarch was the first 'All Steel' radial tyre production facility in China, built with the technical support of DUNLOP using machinery imported from Germany and Japan. Longmarch Tyres are manufactured under stringent quality control systems accredited by ISO/TS 1649:2002 and ISO 9001:2000. Longmarch tyres are approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and European Commission (ECE E Mark).

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Longmarch Tyre Details

Longmarch LM115 Tyres

Designed for city and motorway use. The 4 ribs and sipes provide a good level of grip on both wet and dry road surfaces. The LM115 also includes a wear resistance tread compound to conquer heat built up.

Longmarch LM117 Tyres

The Longmarch LM117 is a steer tyre designed for city and highway service. The 4 deep ribs with sipes provide excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Longmarch LM118 Tyres

The Longmarch LM118 Tyre features a highway type pattern and uses a compound formulated to help fight irregular wear. The Longmarch LM118 has a structure made of four belt layers that together give excellent high speed durability and comfort.

Longmarch LM120 Tyres

The Longmarch LM120 tyre has a highway tread pattern suitable for highways and smooth roads. The Longmarch LM120 tyre has a compound designed to help fight irregular wear, and offer lower rolling resistance which in turns gives better fuel efficiency. The Longmarch LM120 tyre is made from four belt layers that give excellent high speed durability and comfort, and good load-bearing performance.

Longmarch LM127 Tyres

Longmarch LM128 Tyres

The Longmarch LM128 tyre is recommended for long distance trucks, trailers and buses. Features include four rib grooves which provide strong grip and good drainage for excellent traction. The Longmarch LM128 tyre has good resistance to foreign object retention which enables easy tyre maintenance. A tough belt construction helps reduce irregular wear.

Longmarch LM135 Tyres

The Longmarch LM135 tyre has a highway style tread pattern suitable for good roads, including highways. The Longmarch LM135 tyre features a compound formulated to give good abrasive resistance, prevent heat build-up and reduce wet skid resistance. The Longmarch LM135 tyre has a structure of four belt layers to give high speed durability and comfort.

Longmarch LM168 Tyres

The Longmarch LM168 is a wide super single tyre with a multi rib tread design for ultimate traction in both wet and dry conditions. It has been sized for both premium steer and heavy trailer use.

Longmarch LM201 Tyres

The Longmarch LM201 tyre is an all position tyre suitable for on/off road Heavy duty trucks, trailers and construction vehicles. It's unique shoulder design provides good cornering ability and improves heat dissipation. It has three deep zigzag grooves allowing for excellent traction and drainage. The Longmarch LM201 tyre four ribs promote direction ability, steering comfort and braking performance.

Longmarch LM210 Tyres

The Longmarch LM210 is a heavy duty all-position on-off road tyre. It features a cut resistant compound and the three channelling grooves with deep shoulder lugs are suited to mixed service applications. The tread design is designed to give you strong grip and good drainage for excellent traction.

Longmarch LM211 Tyres

The Longmarch LM211 tyre is an All Position radial for on/off road conditions. Its three channelling grooves with deep shoulder lugs are suited to mixed service steer applications, this tyre also features a cut & chip resistant compound.

Longmarch LM216 Tyres

The Longmarch LM216 is recommended for the steer position of regional or highway roads. Recommended for long distance trucks, trailers and interstate buses. It's features include transverse grooves to enhance heat dissipation and to reduce tread wear and improve tyre life. It has straight ribs to give excellent directional driving and to provide steering comfort and even tread wear. The Longmarch LM216 tyres specially designed compound reduces rolling resistance and gives higher fuel efficiency. It's structure also withstands scrub operations with frequent turning and braking.

Longmarch LM302 Tyres

The Longmarch LM302 tyre is suitable for the drive position on on/off road trucks, trailers and interstate buses. It's features include deep tread groove to improve tyre mileage and life cycle costs. The sipes on it's tread provide good heat dissipation and anti-skid properties. The Longmarch LM302 tyre has a semi open shoulder that prevents eccentric wear and reduces shoulder heat.

Longmarch LM326 Tyres

The Longmarch LM326 tyre is a drive position tyre for on/off road heavy duty trucks in construction, mining and other rough road conditions. It features deep tread grooves that improve tyre mileage and life cycle costs. The Longmarch LM326 tyre has closely bonded tread blocks to deliver a large surface area for improved heat dissipation.

Longmarch LM328 Tyres

The Longmarch LM328 is an on/off road orientated drive tyre. Its extra rugged tread provides stability and wear resistance with excellent traction in all weather conditions. The LM328 tyre also features a cut resistant compound, minimising punctures.

Longmarch LM329 Tyres

Longmarch LM358 Tyres

The Longmarch LM358 tyre is a super wide agricultural trailer service tyre.

Longmarch LM508 Tyres

The Longmarch LM508 is a mixed service Drive/Trailer tyre. Its extra rugged tread with large footprint and aggressive tread design provides great stability and wear resistance. The LM508 is an excellent choice for mixed service applications.

Longmarch LM511 Tyres

Longmarch LM518 Tyres

The Longmarch LM518 is a mixed service Drive tyre. The LM518 is a well balanced tyre with excellent handling capabilities on wet or dry road surfaces. The integrated decoupling groove and tread rib protectors help reduce irregular wear patterns and its all steel casing design also promotes durability and retreadability.

Longmarch LM526 Tyres

The Longmarch LM526 is a mixed service Steer/Trailer tyre. Its four fold drainage ditch provides excellent performance and handling safety, as well as the wear-resistant and low heat generation of the rubber compound with provides excellent mileage. The LM526 also features a reinforcing layer that provides excellent durability.

Longmarch LM701 Tyres