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Maximo Tyres

Maximo Tyres

The Maximo off-road tyre brand belongs to the portfolio of Trelleborg Wheel Systems UK Ltd. Maximo tyres are produced at plants in Europe and distributed globally. Maximo produce radial tractor tyres in 85, 70 and 65 profiles. Tyres are competitively priced and offer a balanced combination of features making them suitable for various terrain and agricultural machinery. The Maximo range of products benefit from a manufacturers 4 years warranty any purchase will be backed up with the full technical support from Maximo should you need it.

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Maximo Radial 65 Tyres

The MAXIMO Radial 65 tyre is designed for tractors up to 180 hp. It provides excellent performance, both in the field and on the road. The tread pattern design guarantees gentle ground handling and high traction capability. The MAXIMO Radial 65 tyres offer a large footprint area and optimal pressure distribution, so the tyre prevents soil compaction, leading to higher field productivity. On the road, the MAXIMO Radial 65 tyre ensures easy handling and great comfort, even at high speed. Lower rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption, while the lug shape maximises wear resistance, delivering long lasting tyres.

Maximo Radial 70 Tyres

The MAXIMO Radial 70 tyre range boasts a larger tread width compared to the equivalent products available in the marketplace. This is achieved through an advanced mould design, as well as through the perfect balance between the structure and flexibility of the MAXIMO Radial 70 tyres. The wide and long footprint results in excellent flotation properties, boosting yields and reducing crop stress.The large footprint area of the MAXIMO Radial 70 tyre minimises the soil compaction and ensures outstanding traction. The MAXIMO Radial 70 guarantees high comfort levels for the driver due to the flexible sidewall. The longer service life of the Radial 70 tyre, the great traction, as well as the good handling on the road makes the new range the right choice for reduced working time and high cost efficiency.

Maximo Radial 85 Tyres

The MAXIMO Radial 85 tyre is the ideal multipurpose tyre for medium and powered tractors both for field and road application. The combination of the MAXIMO Radial 85 tyre radial technology and tread design provides the MAXIMO range with a wider footprint area than the average of the market (+ 5%), for minimum soil compaction and excellent farm productivity. The unique shape and angle of the lugs of the MAXIMO Radial 85 tyre range, guarantee traction capacity and low slippage, generating outstanding power transmission to the ground. The special inter-lug “islands” improve the self cleaning of the tire, minimising the distance required to release mud from the tread, thereby helping with adherence to road regulations.