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Nankang Tyres

Nankang Tyres

The Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation is the longest established tyre manufacturer in Taiwan, having started operations in 1959 by a group of engineers. Based originally upon the principals of Japanese manufacturing technologies, Nankang tyres has grown substantially.

From her humble beginnings, Nankang has advanced across five continents, and supplies more than 100 countries globally. Nankang Rubber Tyre has two major tyre manufacturing plants, one in Taiwan, and another in China, which helps them lead the industry in quality, reputation, and research & development.

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Nankang Tyre Details

Nankang CW-20 Tyres

Nankangs CW-20 tyre is designed for Vans, it features four-straight grooves that ensure driving safety on wet ground, sipes on the bottom of the shoulder grooves keep the tread soft and riding comfortable in terminal wearing stage, shoulder rigidity enhancement prevents from irregularly wearing and is suitable for long distance driving, and optimal lateral groove reduces the noise generated from air consonance and increases riding comfort. Order Nankangs CW-20 tyre from Big Tyres Today!

Nankang CW-25 Tyres

The Nankang CW-25 is a NANKANG new generation commercial tyre which emphasizes on enduring and wear performance ability, it is designed for Vans. To make driving comfortable, the (zigzag) groove design is designed to decrease pattern noise while travelling. It has a special tread compound that increases its wear/performance ability. The excellent pattern design enhances rigidity to afford tyre loading. Order Nankangs CW-25 tyres online from Big Tyres today!

Nankang N-749 Tyres

Nankang NR-066 Tyres

Nankangs NR-066 is a tyre designed for Light truck & Bus use. The Nankang NR-066s arrangement of the tread pattern pitches, which is designed through computer simulation, reduces the generation of noise. Its sidewall horizontal ratio enlarged design ensures endurance, safety and smooth driving.

Nankang TR-10 Tyres

The Nankang TR-10 tyre is a commercial trailor tyre with high durability. The Nankang TR-10 tyre is designed for trailer fitments in a range of sizes from 10" up to 14". With C rated wet grip performance across the range, the Nankang TR-10 tyre gives users the confidence that their goods are safely being towed without a worry.