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Nankang Tyres

Nankang Tyres

The Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation is the longest established tyre manufacturer in Taiwan, having started operations in 1959 by a group of engineers. Based originally upon the principals of Japanese manufacturing technologies, Nankang tyres has grown substantially.

From her humble beginnings, Nankang has advanced across five continents, and supplies more than 100 countries globally. Nankang Rubber Tyre has two major tyre manufacturing plants, one in Taiwan, and another in China, which helps them lead the industry in quality, reputation, and research & development.

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Nankang Tyre Details

Nankang AT-5+ Tyres

The Nankang AT-5+ is all terrain 4x4 tyre designed for a vast range of terrains. At home on country lanes as it is on a boggy field. From muddy tracks to sandy beaches the Nankang AT-5+ tyre will conquer them all. A zigzag groove design increases the lateral contact area. The Nankang AT-5+ tyre provides the traction performance needed on mud, snow and gravel roads. To avoid gravel or large stones getting stuck in the grooves and damaging the tyre the stepped centre sub grooves in the wall design with polygon edges are designed to eject the debris.

Nankang AW-8 Tyres

The Nankang AW-8 tyre is a commercial tyre that covers you through rain, shine, snow and ice at a very affordable price. With a winter tyre style centre section to offer snow and ice performance, and a summer tyre style shoulder to offer summer stability and performance, the Nankang AW-8 tyre is the perfect all round commercial tyre option. Aimed at the commercial vehicle driver who needs to deliver no matter what the weather throws at them.

Nankang CW-20 Tyres

The Nankang CW-20 tyre is a commercial van tyre which is well suited to every day driving of your commercial van or camper van. The Nankang CW-20 excels on motorways in your Sprinter, around town in your Transit, or on camping trips in your Hymer. The Nankang CW-20 is the commercial tyre of choice offering ride comfort and optimum grip without breaking the bank. It features four-straight grooves that ensure driving safety on wet ground. The sipes on the bottom of the shoulder grooves of the Nankang CW-20 tyre keep the tread soft and maintain a comfortable ride in the terminal wearing stage. The tyres shoulder rigidity enhancement prevent irregular wear and make the Nankang CW-20 suitable for long distance driving. The optimal lateral groove reduces the noise generated from air consonance and increases riding comfort.

Nankang CW-25 Tyres

The Nankang CW-25 tyre is a new generation of commercial van and trailer tyre focused on durability and wear performance ability. The Nankang CW-25 tyre is designed to make driving comfortable, with the zigzag groove design being designed to decrease pattern noise whilst travelling. It has a special tread compound that increases its wear/performance ability. The The Nankang CW-25 tyre has excellent pattern design to enhance its rigidity to improve tyre loading.

Nankang FT-4 Tyres

Nankangs ROLLNEX FT-4 tyre is designed for SUV's & 4X4WD vehicles. It features a two straight broad grooves and arc sub-grooves design that can enhance drainage efficiency and prevent from hydroplaning. Nankangs FT-4 tread surface is enlarged and the shoulder groove has been reduced to give better maneuverability. 5 pitches block design is adopted to reduce the noise generation. Noise prevention bar has been created on the shoulder to prevent premature wear and to reduce the road noise generation. Order Nankangs FT-4 Tyre online from Big Tyres today!

Nankang FT-7 Tyres

Nankangs ROLLNEX FT-7 tyre is designed for SUV's & 4X4WD vehicles, its zigzag main groove design is adopted for mud road conditions. Its special profile design is adopted to increase the tyres rigidity and driving stability. Gradual widening sub-groove pattern is aimed to divert the gravel out more efficiently when cornering. The tread surface is broadened and the shoulder groove is reduced to give better maneuverability. Order Nankangs ROLLNEX FT-7 tyre online from Big Tyres today!

Nankang FT-9 Tyres

The Nankang FT-9 tyre is a mud terrain 4x4 tyre designed to combat the harshest environments. The interlocking shoulder block design can grip and eject gravel/mud to increase manoeuvrability, and allow the car to be navigated freely on rugged roads. The Nankang FT-9 tyre tyre features a prominent bar on the bottom of the grooves preventing stones getting lodged in the grooves. Lodged stones will be expelled by the flexible movement between the prominent bar and the groove wall.

Nankang MT-1 Tyres

The Nankang MT-1 tyre is a mud terrain 4x4 tyre with a tread designed to be aggressive and ruthless. The interlayer tyre shoulder design provides undeniable traction to bite gravel, mud and sand or when on a poor road surface, thus increasing the manoeuvrability of the tyre when driving on a poor road surface. The Nankang MT-1 tyre has a groove bottom designed to prevent stones and pebbles from getting stuck to the auxiliary grooves. The slim design is applied to the central part of the protruding bar and coordinates the multilateral tread pattern block design, building the adventure look. With 6mm in tread depth across the sidewall, this provides extra traction ability in the roughest terrains.

Nankang N-889 Tyres

The Nankang N-889 tyre is a POR 4x4 tyre designed to take on the most extreme terrains. The Nankang N-889 tyre is branded the 'mudstar' and the name says it all, designed for muddy, boggy trails for maximum driving pleasure

Nankang NR-066 Tyres

Nankangs NR-066 is a tyre designed for Light Truck & Bus use. The Nankang NR-066s arrangement of the tread pattern pitches, which is designed through computer simulation, reduces the generation of noise. Its sidewall horizontal ratio enlarged design ensures endurance, safety and smooth driving.

Nankang R/T Tyres

The Nankang R/T tyre is an aggressive all terrain 4x4 tyre designed for enhanced traction performance on muddy surfaces. The polygonal pattern block design presents a rough tread pattern style and can supply multi-directional traction while cornering. Stair-type tread pattern block design can discharge the stones lodged in the grooves and this upgrades the wear performance in the middle and late tyre life. The Nankang R/T tyre features a connecting bar design amongst the tread pattern blocks can strengthen the block stiffness and prevent irregular tread wear.

Nankang TR-10 Tyres

The Nankang TR-10 tyre is a commercial trailor tyre with high durability. The Nankang TR-10 tyre is designed for trailer fitments in a range of sizes from 10" up to 14". With C rated wet grip performance across the range, the Nankang TR-10 tyre gives users the confidence that their goods are safely being towed without a worry.

Nankang WF-1 Tyres

The Nankang WF-1 tyre is designed for stability, comfort and endurance. To give maximum confidence whilst riding, the Nankang WF-1 tyre utilizes a dual compound structure, with the shoulders of the tyre made with a soft compound to promote better cornering grip whilst the centre of the tyre uses a harder compound to enhance endurance while riding vertical. The centre rib will efficiently improve not only the comfort but also give more stability.

Nankang WF-2 Tyres

The Nankang WF-2 tyre is designed for high performance motorcycles with an improved contact patch and stiffer casing design to increase cornering stability and grip. The Nankang WF-2 utilizes a dual compound formula with the centre tread aimed at increasing stability, comfort and longevity whilst the shoulder is designed to offer ultimate grip and ride confidence. The Nankang WF-2 has improved compound proportion to offer the maximum traction at all lean angles as well as an improved construction to ensure safety, stability and braking at all speeds.

Nankang WF-99 Tyres

The Nankang WF-99 tyre fully demonstrates superior dry and wet performance, giving the tyre the best grip performance. The carcass structure is strengthened to improve the overall tyre strength, increasing the braking performance and providing stability during high-speed cornering. The Nankang WF-99 tyre has a gradual opening pattern on both sides that not only increases the response ability when cornering, but also effectively improves the grip performance when cornering at various angles.