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Ozka Tyres

Ozka Tyres

The Ozka tyre brand is manufactured by Özka Lastik, who were formed in 1994 and are based in Turkey. They manufacture tyres for agriculture, construction, forklift, van & turf care. Ozka tyres conform to most international standards (TSE, ETRTO, ECE) and are exported into the European & Middle Eastern markets.

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Ozka tyres sit within the economy to mid range region of todays tyre market. The product is robust and reliable but competitively priced to help consumers achieve a saving over their current brand of choice. 

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Ozka Agro 10 Tyres

The Ozka Agro 10 tyres offer a comfortable drive thanks to their flexible sidewall structure. The Ozka Agro 10 tyre has a tread pattern designed to repel mud and dirt, and with deep treads and a wide base track the Ozka Agro 10 tyre ensures your radial tyres deliver maximum performance.

Ozka Agro 11 Tyres

Ozka KNK 50 Tyres