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Petlas Tyres

Petlas Tyres

Petlas is a Turkish brand created in 1976. It originally manufactured tyres for military aircraft, and it continues to provide the Turkish armed forces with tyres. Its production has increased to produce all types of tyres. Petlas applies a policy of "Total Quality Management" where the quality is, as its name implies, at the heart of all his actions, as well as in the manufacturing of his products, as towards its employees or business partners.With its own department of research and development, Petlas obtained several certifications: ISO 9001, DOT, QTR, Mark E.

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Petlas Tyre Details

Petlas BD 65 Tyres

The Petlas BD65 is a harvester tyre featuring a strong carcass structure that supports a high load capacity. The Petlas BD65 has a unique lug design and geometry that offers outstanding traction and self-cleaning. The Petlas BD65 has a durable carcass structure and a special tread compound to improve resistance against cuts and wear.

Petlas NB 38 Tyres

The Petlas NB-38 tyre is specially developed for road construction excavators. Its aggressive tread pattern delivers outstanding traction and enables excellent self-cleaning. The Petlas NB-38 tyre promises high resistance to cuts and tears and thus ensures longevity thanks to its reinforced carcass structure.

Petlas NT3 Tyres

The Petlas NT3 Tyre NT3 is a traction type trailer tyre with high cut resistance. It is suitable for transport and soil tillage operations. The Petlas NT3 tyres special tread and carcass structure offers a high load capacity whilst the wide and deeper tread design provides high resistance against cuts and tread fatigue.

Petlas PA 40 Tyres

The Petlas PA40 tyre is a steer axle tyre suitable for regular road going conditions. It offers strong resistance to cuts and wear, and thanks to a specially developed tread composition and strong carcass, the Petlas PA40 tyre also provides a good load carrying capacity and excellent levels of self-cleaning. It is often used as an alternative to the Mitas NB59 tyre on vintage trucks and busses, or on older military vehicles.

Petlas PD 40 Tyres

The Petlas PD40 tyre is a steer axle crossply tyre suitable for regular road going conditions. It provides balanced driving thanks to its specially designed tread. The Petlas PD40 tyre offers longevity, ultimate grip and traction all through it's wide base modern tread design and nylon cord structure. It is often used as an alternative to the Mitas NB60 tyre on vintage trucks and busses, or on older military vehicles.

Petlas TA-110 Tyres

The Petlas TA-110 is a durable rear axle tyre for agriculture application representing a proven performance and long tyre life. The reinforced and robust cord body provides superior durability. It has long life due to its special rubber compound on the tyre surface which easily absorbs impacts and it resists piercing and wear of the tyre. The advanced design of The Petlas TA-110 tyre has the ability to provide a soft ride on rough terrain. It easily moves forward on all kinds of soil grounds without getting stuck due to its wide base that does not hold soil and mud.The inclined shoulder blocks with knife like action provide high grippage ability and traction power. The Petlas TA-110's Special heel construction provides resistance rotation on the rim and the heel wear. Call us or order the The Petlas TA-110 tyre online today.

Petlas TA-130 Tyres

The Petlas TA-130 tyre is designed for high power tractors. It is designed to transfer torque power to the ground effectively on any terrain. The tyres special tread geometry reduces slippage by improving traction which in turn, leads to significant fuel savings. The Petlas TA-130 tyres wider footprint and optimised lug angle contributes to crop productivity by minimising soil compaction. The elastic structure absorbs impacts and demonstrates better flotation. The strong carcass and high-quality tread compound ensure longer service life and enable maximum performance under heavy loads. The Petlas TA-130 tyre provides driving comfort both on the road and the field.

Petlas TA 60 Tyres

The Petlas TA-60 provides great performance on either the front or rear axle (depending on the size of the tractor). Special strengthened rubber resists cuts and wear off. The Petlas TA-60 has an Open-center tread for self cleaning and better traction. A premium bias value-priced alternative to radials. Long bar/long bar tread design for even wear. Call us or order the Petlas TA-60 tyre online today.