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Taurus Tyres

Taurus Tyres

Taurus is a tyre company with its roots in Hungary, that was founded in 1882. It is now owned by tyre giant Michelin. Michelin started its development of the Taurus range of tyres in 1996 and has added the quality and performance that you would expect from such a superior manufacturer. Taurus produces tyres for the agricultural market, and also for the commercial truck sector. Taurus products have good quality carcass' and are extremely versatile tyres.

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Taurus Point 65 Tyres

The Taurus Point 65 tyre has been designed from the ground up for higher productivity. The Taurus Point 65 Tyre's tread pattern provides greater soil protection due to its lower tyre pressure and improved performance.

Taurus Point 70 Tyres

The Taurus Point 70 features better traction and has been designed to provide more load capacity than most tyres in its sizes.

Taurus Point 8 Tyres

The Taurus Point 8 is a high-quality budget radial with an R1 (85%) profile that's made in Hungary by Michelin. Buy your Taurus Point 8 tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Taurus Point HP Tyres

The Taurus Point HP tyres feature an excellent blend of traction and self cleaning along with great longevity, comfort and durability due to the robust casing and compound.

Taurus Soil Saver RC95 Tyres

The Taurus RC95 tyre is specifically designed for row crop work, protecting crops from damage is the forte of this particular tyre.