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Shop for Van Tyres

Shop for Van Tyres

We offer a wide range of commercially rated tyres suitable for caravan, trailer & vans. Find leadng brands like Maxxis, Carlisle & Vredestein, as well as economy brands to help save you money. If you can't find exactly what you need please contact us & we'll locate it for you. Please ensure you check your tyres load rating before purchasing.

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Van Tyre Brands

Van Tyre Details Explained

Reading Your Tyre Size

Van tyre sizes may be written in several ways on the tyre sidewall. Tyres which are small or Crossply tend to be written in Imperial notation with the Width first and the Rim last, such as 4.00-8 or 6.00-9. Sometimes the Height is also specified as the first number followed by an "X", for example in 16.5X6.50-8 and 18X8.00-10. Larger or Radial tyres normally have the newer metric notation, again with the width first and the rim last, for sizes like 145R10 and 165R13. Many of these sizes will also give the Profile, just after the Width and followed by a "/". Examples of sizes like this are 155/70R12 and 205/75R15.

Some van tyre sizes will be followed by a "C". This stands for Commercial rating, meaning that the tyre will carry far more than a car tyre of the same size. Not all manufacturers use this however, and some will use a Ply Rating or a Speed Load Index without a C to show that the tyre is suitable for a van.

Speed & Load Index for Van Tyres

Most modern van tyres have a speed and load index, sometimes known as a service index, stamped on the sidewall. A tyre's Speed Index is the maximum safe speed of the tyre; this is represented with a letter from the very slow (A1) to the very fast (Y and beyond). The Load Index is the maximum weight that the van tyres can safely support. This is represented by a number: the higher this number is the more weight the tyre can carry. It is imperative for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants that tyres with high enough Speed and Load Indexes are chosen. To find out more about Speed and Load Indexes and all other tyre markings, have a look at our Tyre Size Guide.

Ply Rating

A Ply Rating is a measure of a tyre's strength, indicating the maximum load that the van tyres can safely carry. Tyres with a higher ply rating carry more weight but cost more due to their superior construction and the extra materials used. The exact carrying capacity of van tyres can vary by axle, speed, pattern, pressure and manufacturer. Tyre manufacturers often provide detailed information: please check the Technical Link of a product or Contact Us for more information.

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Van Tyre Patterns

Road Patterns

Road Patterns

Tyres for heavier modern vans will often be similar to car tyres but with a higher load capacity.

Zig-Zag Patterns

Zig-Zag Patterns

The Zig-Zag pattern is more common on older or lighter vans. It is a good all-round pattern designed for long service life without sacrificing road performance.

Popular Van Tyre Brands

Compass Tyres

Compass Tyres, part of Compass Group Ltd, is the dedicated tyre division that has been a leading tyre importer and distributor in the UK and continental Europe for over 35 years. The Compass brand is focused on high speed trailer and van tyres, and is now the brand of choice for many European manufacturers.

Nankang Tyres

Nankang Tyres is the longest-established tyre manufacturer in Taiwan, producing a wide range of tyres for international distribution. Nankang is widely acknowledged as a leading tyre brand worldwide, offering good tyres at a competitive price point.

Maxxis Tyres

Maxxis Tyres are known and trusted by billions of customers around the world, Maxxis offers high-quality tyre products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, vans, karts, and lawn and garden care. Available in a range of sizes and OE accredited by all the major turf machinery suppliers, Maxxis Turf tyres lead the way in the industry.

Tubed vs Tubeless Van Tyres

Tube-Type tyres have a separate tube fitted inside which is often purchased separately to the tyre. Most van tyres however are tubeless, and inner tubes should never be fitted inside tubeless tyres used at high speeds. Tubeless tyres have their own inner liner which prevents leaks from the rim and minimises the damage done by punctures. Tubeless van tyres are more resistant to overheating, but air leakage can occur if the tyre has not been fitted properly or if the rims are old or damaged. Find out more about Tube-Type and Tubeless tyres.