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Shop for tyre accessories including valves, flaps, o-rings, bead seals & other tyre consumables. If you need something specific, require bulk pricing, or require any further assistance please talk to the Big Tyres Team by phone on 0115 994 0900, email or live chat.

Tyre Accessories FAQs

The type of valve required for your vehicle is not normally explicitly written on your assembly, so to know which replacement valve you require you would have to visually examine and/or measure your current one. However, machinery manufacturers typically use default valve types for certain sectors and as a rule of thumb the following is typically used:

  • TR412 / TR12 - Turf, Quad & ATV.
  • TR413 / TR13 - Car, Van, Trailer and Light/Small Agricultural.
  • TR 415 / TR15 - Medium Agricultural Machinery & Equipment (E.g Compact Tractors, Implements).
  • TR618A / TR218A - Large Agricultural Machinery (E.g Tractors).

The exact measurements of each valve are given on the valve listings on our website. If you are unsure about anything please contact us and we will try to help.

Flap sizes are labelled to match the tyre size that they are to be fitted within, so when looking for the right flap for your machine you will need to search based on the tyre size you currently have. For example, a 10.00-20 flap will be produced to be fitted within a 10.00-20 tyre, the flap itself will not be 10" wide (like the inflated tyre) but it will seat correctly in the tyre and wheel assembly. Flaps can also sometimes span a couple of width of tyres, so you may notice your current flaps have a range of sizes written on them. If you need further assistance please contact our team.

O-Rings fit in a groove between the wheel rim & wheel bead seat ring to create an air seal on 3 & 5 piece grader, earthmover & OTR wheel rims. They are sized in the diameter of the wheel rim they are being used on (i.e. 25", 29", 33", 35", 49") and by their thickness (thick / thin). The THICK o-ring versions tend to be 9.5mm or 3/8" in their cross section, whilst the THIN variants are around 6.5mm or 1/4" in cross section. O-rings are often given a code similar to OR-225, OR-325, OR-329, OR-333, OR-335, OR-349 which if known will help you to order the correct replacement. If you need further assistance please contact our team.

Tubeless Seals are mostly used within the industrial tyres sector, on forklift trucks and port equipment. They are made by only a few manufacturers to make a TUBE TYPE wheel rim able to instead accommodate the manufactures specific TUBELESS tyre. Tubeless Seals are not endorsed for use outside of their designated tyres. For example, the Michelin Tubeless Bead Seal is only designed to be used with the Michelin XZM. Please see specific tubeless seals for further details of their compatibility. If you need further assistance please contact our team.

Please read our Tyre Sealant Information Page for key information and guidance on tyre sealants along with some frequently asked questions.

Please read our Inner Tube Information Page for key information and guidance on inner tubes along with some frequently asked questions.