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Goods supplied by Big Tyres will be covered by the manufacturer's standard terms of warranty which can be viewed on their website or you can request them from us. If goods fail due to manufacturer fault we will assist you in making a warranty claim for compensation or replacement.

It is important to note that Big Tyres are not the manufacturer of the products that we sell, therefore goods are sold with all warranties (if any) issued by the manufacturers and based upon the fact that the manufacturers only manufacture goods of merchantable quality, the goods are transmitted without examination by us (the seller) upon the basis that any lack of merchantable quality is a matter between the buyer and the manufacturer. That being said, our team of experienced staff will always assist our customers in pursuing valid warranty claims, and we will always fight along side you for a positive resolution. 

Thankfully the number of warranty claims we receive is extremely low, mostly due to manufacturing processes currently being quite evolved, often including x-ray scanning of tyres to prevent defective items entering the supply chain. When a suspected defect appears it is important to report it to us as soon as possible, and for you to take photo or video evidence to support your claim. If you believe you have a valid warranty claim please follow the warranty claim procedure below. 


1. STEP ONE - First notify us of the fault by filling out the Warranty Claim Form (below) and providing us with your order number, the details of goods for which you wish to make a claim, and a full description of the issues surrounding the claim. We would request you take photographic and/or video evidence to suport your claim and to email it on to our sales team after you have submitted the Warranty Claim Form.

2. STEP TWO - The claim will be reviewed by our team and passed onto the manufacturer of the goods for their initial comments. If the manufacturer deems it necessary the goods will then need to be collected from you at your cost and sent to the manufacturer for their inspection.

3. STEP THREE - The manufacturer will inspect the goods and produce an inspection report with their findings. Should the tyre be found to be faulty, a credit will be issued to us for the goods and the collection fee which will in turn be passed onto you. However, if there is no manufacturing fault found, and it is instead deemed to be from improper use, then you will not receive any compensation and you will then be liable for the collection and return delivery fee of the inspected tyre. 

Before completing the Warranty Claim Form please consider the following information:

Collection - In most instances the manufacturer insists on their own examination prior to accepting any liability to replace any tyre/product.

Timeframe - Tyre warranty claims usually take between 2-8 weeks to be completed depending on the manufacturer in question.

Compensation - The amount of compensation is often reduced in line with the remaining tread left on the tyre, or linearly on the number of months/years since it was purchased.

Warranty Periods - Some manufacturers offer better cover than others. Warranties can run from 0 to 10 years, and different manufacturers offer different levels of cover.

Valid Claim - Make sure you are confident the damage is not from improper use, this could include running the tyres at too low or too high a pressure, from exceeding the weight carrying capacity of the tyre by overloading it, by subjecting the tyre to heavy impacts from kerbs, boulders or other hazards. Signs of this kind of improper use are easily spotted during manufacturer inspections and will result in a rejected claim. 

Warranty Claim Form

If you have any questions about the information required or the warranty claim process, then please Contact Big Tyres.

I have read and agreed to the Big Tyres Warranty Claims Proceedure.