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Big Tyres Foam Filling

Tyre Foam Filling

Our tyre foam filling service makes your pneumatic tyres solid, saving you from the costs of tyre repairs & machinery downtime! For a quote please call our dedicated foam fill team on 01159 940 900 option 3, or message us below & we will be happy to help!

Tyre foam filling allows you to combine the great selection of pneumatic tyres with the stability and puncture-proofing of solid tyres. Foam filled tyres cannot be punctured, avoiding costly downtime and tyre replacements. This makes them ideal for construction sites, landfills, recycling facilities and areas of rough terrain.

Your tyres are filled with specially designed fluids that mix and cure to become solid. The tyres are filled to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure which will be retained for their entire service life, eliminating the need to check and maintain air pressure. We can supply you with the complete foam filled tyre package, including new wheels and tyres, or we can arrange to collect your existing tyres and wheel rims and just foam-fill them (note they must currently hold air okay).

Big Tyres Foam Filling

If you have any enquiries in regards to tyre foam filling then please either Call Us on 01159 940 900 option 3, or complete the 'Foam Filling Quote Form' below for a bespoke quote. If you want to see some guide pricing then the tool below lets you input your current tyre size and see the approximate cost for the liquid fill required. Further charges for collection and re-delivery freight may also apply.

Foam Filling Price Finder

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If you would like to be quoted for a specific foam filling job, please Complete the Foam Filling Quote Form below as fully as possible and our dedicated foam fill team will then quote you accordingly. If we have any further questions we will contact you to discuss them or feel free to Call Us on 01159 940 900 option 3.

Foam Filling Quote Form

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How Do The Tyres Get Foam Filled?

The process of foam filling tyres involves pumping two seperate special liquid compounds into the tyre cavity, which then combine and through a chemical reaction cure over a 24 hour period to become a solid foam/resin like material. The process involves specialist equipment and strict health and safety measures must be adherred to. The video below gives you a walk through example of how the process of foam filling typically works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked about our foam filling service. If you have another question please do get in touch.

Which Machines Use Foam Filling?

Generally it's agricultural plant, construction plant, dumpers, excavators, loaders, golf carts, MEWP’s, mowing equipment, rough-terrain forklifts, skid steers, sweepers, telehandlers and tractors. There are not too many hard and fast rules except that they cannot be used on high-speed machines, as the heat build up at fast speeds can break down the foam filling material. Therefore, foam filling is not suitable for cars or high speed trailers.

How Much Does it Cost?

It depends on the amount of liquid fill that is needed to fill your tyre. Please give us your tyre size and we will quote based on the volume of liquid needed for that specific tyre size. We often collect and deliver your units using pallet delivery companies who often charge around £40 per pallet per way.

Can You Foam Fill Them at My Site?

Sadly, Not. The machinery and chemicals used are not mobile, and health and safety issues mean the process must be done in a controlled environment.

Can I Use My Existing Tyres?

Yes. But they must currently be able to hold air, we cannot work with punctured tyres as the liquid will escape before it is cured. We recommend buying and using new tyres to ensure you have the maximum wearable tread on your newly foam filled units, and to maximise your investments in foam filling.

How Long Does It Take? 

Typically 4-5 working days. If the courier collects your current rims on Monday, we would receive them on Tuesday, we then fill and cure them for 24 hours and aim to dispatch them on Wednesday or Thursday for delivery back to you Thursday or Friday. If you are on tight time scales please speak with us as occasionally the work shop has a few orders booked in so we would schedule your work with you accordingly.

How Do I Get My Current Rims Off?

Most customers manage to sort this themselves, but we can also arrange for fitters to come to your site and remove your units for you for a fee. They generally do not have blocks available to keep the machine jacked up for the 4-5 days needed to fill the units, so you would need to find blocks/jacks yourself, or have a spare set of wheel/rims to swap onto the machine.

Does the Tyre Pressure Change?

The liquid fill is pumped into the tyres at the normal operating pressure of the tyre being filled. If you have a specific pressure you desire then please do inform us and we can usually achieve the same pressure with the liquid fill for you.

Can They Carry More Weight?

No. Filling the tyre doesn't change its load carrying capacity.

Are the Filled Units A Lot Heavier?

Yes. They are filled with a cured liquid so if you imagined filling your tyre with water say instead of air, the weight of the water in that case would be the additional weight added.

How Will It Affect My Machine?

Firstly, as the tyres are now effectivey solid tyres you will not suffer from punctures, and the down time associated with them. The machine should be more stable due to the added weight of the foam filling material. You may find the ride and perfomance vary slightly, if you are in any doubt it is worth speaking with your specific machines dealer to find out its suitability for having filled tyres on it.

Can I Replace My Current Filled Tyres?

Yes. Normally, we collect the filled units and cut off the current tyre and foam from the wheel rim. We then put new tyres on to the rim and fill them as normal. The extra costs involve the time to cut off the existing filled tyres, and the fee's to dispose of this scrap material.

Differences In Foam Filling Materials

The quality of your foam filled tyres will depend on the experience and expertise of the staff trained to process your tyre, as well as the quality of the foam filling machinery used, and the quality and type of foam filling liquids used during the foam filling process. Big Tyres ensure well regarded liquids are used that have been tried and tested. Sometimes the liquids can fall into categories specific to the type of machine or application the tyre is being used in.

Examples of Liquid Fill Variations

T-8 Soft Ride
Maximum deflection
Improved traction and footprint
Gentle ride similar to air
35 MPH continuous
Excellent shock absorption
Excellent stability and safety
T-15 Mid Purpose
Average duty
Improved traction and footprint
Excellent ride characteristics
35 MPH continuous
Provides extra ballast
Excellent stability and safety
T-25 All Purpose
Heavy duty
Industrial and Construction tyres
Best heat resistance
35 MPH continuous
Four hours at 55 MPH
Balance between ride and carrying capacity
Provides extra ballast
Excellent stability and safety
T-30 Heavy Duty
Heavy duty
Industrial and Construction tyres
Best heat resistance
35 MPH continuous
Four hours at 55 MPH
Better ride than T-49 but still capable of carrying heavy loads
Excellent stability and safety
T-49 Maximum Duty
Moving heavy weights over short distances
Slow speed equipment
Improved traction
Special applications
Extreme service
Minimum deflection
Excellent stability and safety