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General Tire Tyres

General Tire Tyres

For 100 years General Tire has been an innovation leader, introducing new styles and technology. Founded in 1915 in the USA, General Tire has a long history as a manufacturer of premium-quality tyres. Now part of the Continental group, General Tire is still an industry leader in the development and production of top quality passenger car, SUV and commercial tyres.

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General Tire Tyre Details

General Tire Grabber AT Tyres

The General Grabber AT is a classic all-terrain tyre from the renowned General Tire brand. The Grabber AT offers outstanding traction and steering performance off-road, while maintaining a comfortable and controlled ride on the road. The General Grabber AT is a long lasting and robust tyre with a self-cleaning design to maintain traction in muddy terrain and prevent stones from being caught.

General Tire Grabber AT2 Tyres

The General Grabber AT2 is a tough all-terrain tyre designed with an aggressive, self-cleaning tread. The five-row tread pattern with tractive edges provides uncompromising off-road traction, and special double-V blocks offer the AT2 with outstanding tread life. The General Grabber AT2 provides off-road traction, durability and impressive performance while maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride on the road.

General Tire Grabber MT Tyres

The General Grabber MT is an extreme traction all-terrain tyre with exceptional off-road performance for light trucks and SUVs. The General Grabber MT has an aggressive, open pattern with special ribs to eject mud and stones. This maintains high traction off-road and prevents tyre damage. General Tire's DURA GEN construction make the Grabber MT some of the toughest 4x4 tyres available.

*As a POR (Professional Off-Road) tyre, the General Grabber MT is exempt from EU tyre labelling.