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Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres

Michelin is one of the worlds best known tyre brands, manufacturing tyres for vehicles from Bicycles, to Space shuttles! With over 110 years of experience in the tyre industry, you know you're receiving quality by buying Michelin. Michelin has over 115,000 employees worldwide and produces over 180 million tyres a year from over 70 sites in 18 countries. Big Tyres recommends Michelin tyres due to their superior quality and because they are the default OEM choice for so many manufacturers of Car, Truck, Agri and Industrial machinery.

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Michelin is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. It is one of the two largest tyre manufacturers in the world along with Bridgestone. It also owns the brands BFGoodrich, Kleber, Riken, Kormoran and Uniroyal (in North America). Michelin have 69 production facilities in 18 countries and Michelin's share of the global market was 14.8%  in 2011.

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Michelin AgriBib Tyres

The MICHELIN AGRIBIB tyre is an Agricultural tyre for general farming applications. It offers Deep lugs, low slip and an optimized rubber compound to help reduce wear to give exceptionally long tyre life. The MICHELIN AGRIBIB tyre has a sharp verticle lug design allowing the tyre to retain traction even when 70% worn. The Strong and super-flexible sidewalls of the MICHELIN AGRIBIB allow a long footprint, puts more lugs in contact with the soil. Michelin's exclusive ""self-cleaning hinge"" between the lugs helps ensure maximized pulling power in wet conditions. Buy your MICHELIN AGRIBIB tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin AgriBib RC Tyres

Michelin AxioBib Tyres

The MICHELIN Axiobib tyre is the first tyre in the industry rated by the U.S. tyre and Rim Association as IF, which Michelin refers to as Increased Flexion. The Axiobob provides you with 20% more load capacity compared to standard tyres of the same size, at the same pressure. The MICHELIN Axiobib Ultraflex tyres are approved for road speeds of up to 40 mph. Greater sidewall flexibility offers outstanding operator comfort, without compromising endurance or service life. Buy your MICHELIN Axiobib tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin Bibsteel AT Tyres

Michelin Bibsteel HS Tyres

Michelin BibX M18 Tyres

Michelin CargoXBib Tyres

The MICHELIN CargoXBib carries heavy loads and protects the soil. With its large contact patch and rounded shoulders, the MICHELIN CargoXBib tyre offers maximum flotation, minimizing rutting and soil damage. The CargoXBib design helps reduce the power required to pull trailers, resulting in increased productivity and fuel savings. Radial casing and reinforced construction help give extraordinary load capacity at speeds up to 40 mph (65 km/h). Buy your MICHELIN CargoXBib tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin CerexBib CFO Tyres

The Michelin Cerexbib gives reduced soil compaction for improved profitability. Each MICHELIN CerexBib functions at low pressure due to modern tyre design not used in standard technology tyres. Your benefit: a considerable reduction in rut formation and compaction thanks to the perfect load distribution on a larger footprint. Thanks to MICHELIN Ultraflex Technologies, the MICHELIN CerexBib tyre will carry up to 20% more load than standard technology tyres at the same pressure.

Better for roading CerexBib allows a farmer to use a narrower tyre to carry the same load. Improved traction in all conditions The larger tread footprint (more tread blocks in contact) of the MICHEILIN CerexBib tyre noticeably provides improved traction, in all conditions. The MICHELIN Ultraflex technology casing with reinforced sidewalls gives the tyre an excellent service life even at low pressure. Buy your Michelin Cerexbib tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin MachXBib Tyres

The MICHELIN MACHXBIB is a reliable choice for 4WD and MFWA. With a large air chamber, braced tread and a strong, reinforced radial casing, MICHELIN MachXBib tyres are designed to carry heavy loads at low pressures. Carrying heavy loads at ultra-low pressures with a huge soft footprint and rounded shoulders, the MICHELIN MACHXBIB tyre helps deliver vital soil protection during preparation, planting and treatment. Rutting is minimized. A flat stable tread spreads the load evenly across the footprint, helping to minimize soil compaction by providing excellent ground pressure distribution. A broad flat crown with long deep lugs give the MICHELIN MACHXBIB tyre a low slip rate and minimal rolling resistance, giving more traction, and resulting in time and fuel savings. Buy your MICHELIN MACHXBIB tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin MegaXBib Tyres

The MICHELIN MEGAXBIB tyre provides Ultra-Low Soil Compaction. It is an excellent choice for situations where flotation and reduced compaction are critical. A huge footprint combined with two steel crown belt plies, allows the MICHELIN MEGAXBIB tyre to carry extremely heavy loads. Wide, deep, straight lugs and flat, stable tread help provide more even wear. Less down time, fewer tyres needed over time. Buy your MICHELIN MEGAXBIB tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin MultiBib Tyres

The MICHELIN MULTIBIB tyres gives improved Longevity and Service Life. Compared to standard radials, it has a wider tread and longer sidewall flexing zone that give the MICHELIN MULTIBIB a much larger footprint. The MICHELIN MULTIBIB offers 35% longer tyre service life when compared to the Michelin XM108 radial. The Michelin MultiBib radial is a 65 series tyre capable of carrying high loads at 40 mph. Buy your MICHELIN MULTIBIB tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin OmniBib Tyres

The MICHELIN Omnibib tyre is all about Increasing productivity. A radial tyre that offers up to a 14% higher load capacity than a standard radial, when used on front-end loaders. The MICHELIN Omnibib radial tyre is a 70 series tyre with a D (40 mph) speed rating. Ultra-flexible sidewalls help maintain outstanding operator comfort, regardless of road speed. Buy your MICHELIN Omnibib tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin Power CL Tyres

The MICHELIN Power CL tyre is suitable for telescopic handlers and backhoe loaders. It is robust and stable. The MICHELIN Power CL is highly resistant to impacts and punctures and offers a good resistance to chunking. The tyre provides good sidewall rigidity for vertical and lateral tyre stability due to the number and angle of the casing plie. The MICHELIN Power CL tyre has a competitive quality/price ratio, is of cross-ply construction and features MICHELIN-approved rubber compound. Buy your MICHELIN Power CL tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin SprayBib Tyres

Michelin X Line Energy Z Tyres

Michelin X Line T Tyres

Michelin X Mine D2 Tyres

Michelin X Multiway 3D XDE Tyres

Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE Tyres

Michelin X Multiway XDE Tyres

Michelin X Works XDY Tyres

Michelin X-Crane+ Tyres

The Michelin X Crane+ gives you Improved machine availability ensuring better productivity. Regular wear is guaranteed throughout the life of the tyre due to a new construction design, which also gives improved damage resistance, and allows multipurpose use due to its improved asymmetric tread design. Wear life is increased by up to 15% over the standard X Crane tyre. The Michelin X Crane+ offers a higher level of safety, due to a significant reduction of braking distance on wet surfaces, improved on road handling with an optimised tread pattern and reduced vibration. Speed index F allows the nominale load capacity of the tyre at a speed of 80km/h in complete safety. Order your Michelin X Crane + tyres online from Big Tyres today!

Michelin XCA Tyres

Michelin XDA2 Tyres

Michelin XDA2 Energy Tyres

Michelin XDE Multiway Tyres

Michelin XDE2 Tyres

Michelin XDN2 Grip Tyres

Michelin XDY Tyres

The Michelin XDY Tyre is a robust tyre designed for the worksite and endurance on the road. Buy your Michelin XDY tyres online from Big Tyres today!

Michelin XDY3 Tyres

Michelin XeoBib Tyres

The Michelin Xeobib tyre travels everywhere at less than 14psi, the right tyre for your soil and profitability. The tyres main benefit is that is PROTECTS THE SOIL AND INCREASES YOUR YIELD POTENTIAL. Each MICHELIN XeoBib tyre functions at its best at very low pressure (less than or equal to 14 psi) with the sidewalls offering high flexibility while remaining very strong. Your benefit is a considerable reduction in ruts and compaction thanks to a larger footprint and better load distribution.

MORE SAVINGS ON FUEL: The larger footprint sharply increases the MICHELIN XeoBib tyre traction, thus reducing the amount of slip and therefore your fuel consumption.

MORE TIME SAVED: Thanks to its excellent traction, MICHELIN XeoBib enables you to work on difficult land. With the reduced amount of slip, you reduce your work time and therefore save money!

Greater load capacity: Thanks to MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology, compared to a standard tyre with an equivalent diameter and constant pressure, the MICHELIN XeoBib tyre offers up to 40% more load capacity than standard technology tyres.

Better handling both in the field and on the road: On the road, MICHELIN XeoBib tyres not only offer remarkable driving comfort but also excellent handling, even at high speed.

Buy your Michelin Xeobib tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin XF Tyres

Michelin XGC Tyres

The Michelin XGC tyre is a High speed radial tyre for mobile cranes and special machines. Order your Michelin XGC tyres online from Big Tyres today!

Michelin XL Tyres

Michelin XM108 Tyres

Michelin XM27 Tyres

Michelin XM28 Tyres

Michelin XM47 Tyres

Michelin XMCL Tyres

The Michelin XMCL tyre construction features a steel crown belt package for extra protection. The XMCL has massive lugs designed for optimized wear offering increased service life versus MICHELIN? XM27? radial. It Provides up to 50% greater carrying capacity than the MICHELIN? XM27? tyre. The Michelin XMCL provides EXCELLENT TRACTION with a unique tread design and large footprint for excellent traction and stability. Continuity of the tread pattern and a wide footprint allow outstanding comfort and precision maneuverability. Buy your Michelin XMCL tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin XP27 Tyres

The Michelin XP27 tyre is a Low Pressure Radial tyre for turf applications: trailers, spreaders, tankers and harvesters. The Michelin XP27 tyre features a robust radial casing, suitable for carrying heavy loads at high speed. The XP27 tread pattern is designed for intensive transport work and offers an exceptionally long service life. Thanks to its radial casing, the Michelin XP27 offers minimum rolling resistance which will decrease fuel consumption while roading. It provides a flat profile and small diameter, which offer maximum stability, and is perfectly tailored to carrying heavy, high loads such as straw or hay. The Michelin XP27 can also function at low pressure, thus limiting the formation of ruts in fields. Buy your Michelin XP27 tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Michelin XS Tyres

Michelin XTA Tyres

Michelin XTE2 Tyres

Michelin XTE3 Tyres

Michelin XZA2 Tyres

Michelin XZA2 Energy Tyres

Michelin XZE Multiway Tyres

Michelin XZE2 Tyres

Michelin XZE2+ Tyres

Michelin XZL Tyres

Michelin XZSL Tyres

Michelin XZY Tyres

Michelin XZY2 Tyres

Michelin XZY3 Tyres