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Our OTR & Earthmover Tyre range covers every size & application. Find leading brands like Michelin, Trelleborg & Camso along with many value brands like BKT, Double Coin and Triangle to help you trim costs. Simply search our catalogue & buy online! For assistance please call us on 01159 940 900, or alternatively live chat or message us & we will be glad to help!

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Earthmover Tyre Brands

Earthmover Tyre Sizing Explained

How Do I Read My Earthmover Tyre Size?

There are several methods for giving the size of earthmover tyres, with measurements sometimes given in inches, sometimes in millimetres, or sometimes in both! so our Tyre Size Guide is a helpful read to understand them. The examples and explanations given below should hopefully make it possible for you to recognise your own size markings.

Example 1: 17.5-25, 20.5-25, 23.5R25

The first number i.e. 17.5, tells you the width of the tyre (called the SECTION WIDTH). The '-' means the tyre is of CROSSPLY construction (Radial construction would be represented by an 'R'). The final number, 25, is the RIM Diameter in inches. So a 17.5-25 earthmover tyre would be around 17.5 inches wide, fit on a 25 inch diameter rim/wheel, and be of Crossply construction.

Example 2: 650/65R25, 750/65R25

The first part is the width (SECTION WIDTH) of the tyre in mm, the second part, is the PROFILE of the tyre (height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width), and the third number is the rim diameter (RIM SIZE) in inches. The 'R' when present within the size, means the tyre is of RADIAL construction, whereas the '-' shows its of CROSSPLY construction. So a 650/65R25 is 650mm wide (SECTION WIDTH), has a PROFILE of 65%, is of RADIAL construction and fits a 25 inch rim (RIM SIZE is 25"). A 750/65R25 tyre would be 750mm wide, have profile of 65% and fit a 25" diameter rim/wheel, and be of Radial construction.

OTR Tyre Speed and Load Indexes Explained

A tyre's Speed Index is the maximum safe speed of the tyre; this is represented with a letter from the very slow (A1) to the very fast (Y and beyond). The Load Index is the maximum weight that the tyre can safely support. This is represented by a number: the higher this number is the more weight the tyre can carry. It is imperative for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants that tyres with high enough Speed and Load Indexes are chosen. To find out more about Speed and Load Indexes and all other tyre markings, have a look at our Tyre Size Guide.

Shop for Earthmover Tyres Online

Buying OTR Tyres Online

Buying OTR tyres online might be new to some people, but it makes a lot of sense. Traditionally tyres are bought from your local tyre supplier in your area, which means you are relying on their stock, pricing, expertise and customer service. By using Big Tyres (a Nottingham based UK company) you using a national tyre supplier, whose only business is in supplying tyres, tubes, wheels and fitting. We have key accounts with main manufactures to offer you the best prices, carry millions of pounds worth of stock, can access any OTR tyre not in stock by going direct to access manufactures stock, are up to date with all the new tyre news regarding brands, patterns and offers in the market place, and have a dedicated team of customer service staff. We often provide free shipping and next day delivery and are open to talk with you by phone, email or live chat.

Can You Fit My OTR Tyres?

Our tyre fitting service is a mobile on-site service where a fitter can be booked to come to you after your tyres have been delivered by our couriers. A call out fee and tyre change fee is charged. As OTR and Earthmover tyres are usually very heavy and large to handle it can often require two fitters and a crane. As a guide you should be charged between £200-£300 per tyre. For more information read our Earthmover Tyre Fitting information page.

OTR & Earthmover Tyre Foam Filling

Foam filling is a permanent puncture-proofing solution for vehicles operating in hazardous environments or over rough terrain. We offer a range of options for different vehicle types, and can either supply new foam-filled tyre and wheel assemblies or collect your existing equipment for foam filling. For more information read our Foam Filling information page.

OTR Tyre Tread Types Available

The tread pattern is designed to produce varying degrees of traction and flotation as well as cut, wear and heat resistance. So selection of the proper Off-The-Road tyre depends on the job and the conditions. For example, different tread patterns are used to produce maximum traction or flotation on sand, mud and rock. There are five basic tread patterns: rock, traction, block, rib and smooth.

Rock Pattern

Rock Pattern

Rock patterns are specially designed to resist cuts and prevent impact damage from sharp rocks and other large aggregates. Designed specifically for loading shovels, their large ground contact area and characteristic deep lug L5 tread patterns provide excellent wear resistance ensuring long service life.

Traction Pattern

Traction Pattern

Traction pattern OTR tyres provide excellent traction and manoeuvrability on soft or muddy ground. These tyres are available in deep lug L5 tread patterns specifically designed for loading shovels or L3/E3 and L4/E4 multi block tread patterns for a range of earthmover machinery including articulated dump trucks, rigid dump trucks and loaders.

Traction Pattern

Loader and Grader Specific Pattern

These tyres are specifically designed for use on Loaders and Graders and generally come in L3/G3 and L2/G2 options. The characteristic of the common L3 tread pattern is that it offers a greater resistance to aggression than multi block tread patterns. Larger lugs provide optimal contact with the ground and limit tread movement, which enhances stability during shovelling activities.

Block Pattern

Flotation Pattern

These types of traction tyre are available in E3/E4 and L3 options. They make use of a low profile, which allows the tyre to have a larger section width while retaining the overall diameter. Flotation tyres have multi block tread patterns and provide a larger footprint with lower ground contact pressure to provide traction on yielding surface conditions such as sand, gravel and mud.

Smooth Pattern

The smooth pattern tyre is designed for underground mining machinery, compacters, rollers and other earthmover machinery, such as loading shovels that run on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. They can be completely smooth but may be found with varying amounts of grooves in the tread depending on the application. Smooth tyres are available in pneumatic or solid variations and can be ‘foam filled’ as a preventative to recurring punctures.

Popular & Trusted OTR & Earthmover Tyre brands

A wide range of tyres from many manufacturers are available, including many popular and well regarded brands such as BKT, Doublecoin, Mitas, Michelin, Nokian and more, ensuring that whatever application you need your tyres for, you will be getting quality tyres.

BKT Tyres

BKT is one of the world's leading manufacturers of off-highway tyres, first starting production in 1995. An Indian company offering more than 2,000 products means they really are a one stop shop for all off-highway tyre solutions. BKT has made its mark in the Agricultural, Construction, Industrial, Earthmover, Port, ATV and Turf care applications in both crossply & radial construction. BKT has gained a fantastic reputation for producing high quality tyres at a low price point, and is one of Big Tyres most popular and requested brands.

Double Coin Tyres

Double Coin offer both value and quality promising customers the most for their money. The company sells its products to over 100 countries and regions and it also provides auxiliary products to over 30 domestic famous automobile manufacturers.

Mitas Tyres

Mitas is one of Europe’s leading producers of agricultural and OTR tyres. Mitas manufactures and sells tyres under three brand names: the company’s own Mitas and Cultor, and Continental under licence. In addition, MITAS a.s. produces and distributes a wide range of Mitas-branded industrial and motorcycle tyres. MITAS a.s. is a member of CGS HOLDING a.s. and operates three production plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia and one in the USA, and maintains a global sales and distribution network.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin is one of the worlds best known tyre manufacturers, manufacturing tyres for vehicles from Bicycles, to Space shuttles! With over 110 years of experience in the tyre industry, you know you're receiving quality by buying Michelin. Michelin has 111,200 employees worldwide and produces over 171 million tyres in 67 sites on 17 countries.

Useful Earthmover and OTR Tyre Information

Wheels for Earthmover Machinery

Heavy duty earthmoving vehicles are typically fitted with 5-piece heavy duty wheel or rim. The five rim components consist of:

  1. Rim Base
  2. Bead Seat Band
  3. Rear (Inboard) Side Ring
  4. Front (Outboard) Side Ring
  5. Lock Ring

Earthmover Tyre Sealant

Use tyre sealant as a preventative measure to improve up-time and eliminate puncture related down-time and protect your vehicle fleet for a fraction of the costs normally associated with a puncture. Tyre Sealant comprises of a carefully formulated blend of natural fibres, blocking agents and sealing compounds that’s been proven to seal a puncture of up to and above 18mm. It can be used as a preventative measure for wide a range of vehicles and different tyre sizes from large agricultural tractors and to quad bikes and even lawn mowers, saving you money and downtime! Find out more on our Tyre Sealant information page.

Earthmover Tyre News

For the latest earthmover & OTR tyre news, advancements and also a little fun, visit our Twitter Page and follow @bigtyres_co_uk or visit and like our Facebook Page. Why not also check our the Big Tyres Blog for educational articles and the latest industry information. We also send out a monthly Big Tyres Newsletter that often has discount codes and news of our latest sales and offers to save you money on your OTR Tyres.