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We offer a wide range of small tyres that are often found on wheel barrows, sack trucks, trolleys and some agricultural machinery. If you can't fnd the exact tyre you need please contact us and we will locate it for you.

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Small Tyre Sizing Explained

Reading Your Tyre Size

Most small tyres have their size in the imperial notation, with the Width first and the Rim last, for example 2.50-8 or 4.00-8. Almost all small tyres for wheelbarrows, hand carts, mobility scooters and small implements will be Crossply, shown with a "-" in the size. Some tyres for wheelbarrows might have two widths, such as 4.10/3.50-4 and 4.80/4.00-8: in this case the second width is the Rim Width. Sometimes the Height is also specified as the first number before and "X", for example 16X6.50-8. Other small tyres will have metric markings: these can be either the standard Width, Profile, Rim sizes (such as 170/60-8) or, commonly for mobility scooters, just the Height and Width of the tyre in millimetres, such as 200X50 and 330X100. For a complete guide on tyre markings please check our Tyre Size Guide.

Speed & Load Index for Small Tyres

For powered or towed equipment using small tyres the correct load and speed ratings are important. A tyre's Speed Index is the maximum safe speed of the tyre; this is represented with a letter from the very slow (A1) to the very fast (Y and beyond). The Load Index is the maximum weight that the caravan tyres can safely support. This is represented by a number: the higher this number is the more weight the tyre can carry. It is imperative for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants that tyres with high enough Speed and Load Indexes are chosen. To find out more about Speed and Load Indexes and all other tyre markings, have a look at our Tyre Size Guide.

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Puncture-Proof Assemblies for Wheelbarrows, Hand Carts

Pneumatic tyres for wheelbarrows and similar equipment can often be expensive and time consuming to replace. We offer the Flex Pro and Flex Pro Lite assemblies for a range of hubs: these are solid polyurethane tyres which come with steel or plastic wheels. These are more expensive than standard wheelbarrow tyres, typically between £40-50, but they last far longer than their pneumatic counterparts and are impossible to puncture. These tyres are even available in a non-marking yellow compound for indoor use. If punctures are a regular problem then please Contact Us for information on these products. Please note that the Flex Pro and Flex Pro Lite tyres are not suitable for high speed use.

Puncture-Proof Tyres for Mobility Scooters

For certain machines with split rims we can offer tyres pre-filled with polyurethane foam. This makes the tyre completely puncture proof without the need to send the wheel to us, and the tyres can be easily changed. These tyres are more expensive than normal scooter tyres, but if punctures are a regular problem then the time and money saved will be significant. We cannot currently offer these tyres for all machines but our range is always growing. For more information on pre-filled small tyres please Contact Us with the make and model of your mobility scooter.