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Titan Tyres

Titan Tyres

Titan International Inc. is North America’s third largest manufacturer of off-the-road tyres and wheels. Its product range covers a full spectrum of tyres including earthmover, industrial, agricultural, turf and ATV. The company is unique in that it is the only tyre manufacturer in the world focusing solely on off the road applications and this ensures its manufacturing capability is highly progressive producing premium quality tyres for its specialist markets. Titan also has a European arm that manufactures a complete range of wheel rims for earthmover and agricultural applications with facilities in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Chile, Peru and Australia.

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Titan Flo-Trac Lug HF-3 Tyres

Titan Flo-Trac Rib HF-1 Tyres

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Titan Multi Trac CS Tyres

The Carlisle / Titan Multi Trac CS lawn & turf tyre is one of the best premium turf tyres on the market. The Carlisle / Titan Multi Trac CS tyre offers great traction and cornering grip without damaging the turf. The Revolutionary Carlisle Multi Trac CS boasts greater tread depth and more rubber on the contact surface to provide increased puncture resistance and longer tyre life. The Shoulder design minimises turf damage too. Buy your Carlisle Titan Multi Trac CS tyres online today from Big Tyres.

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