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Continental Coach HA3 Tyres

The Continental Coach HA3 Tyre gives you excellent braking performance, outstanding fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride. For long-distance coach journeys, reliability and efficiency are essential. The Continental Coach HA3 tyre delivers maximum safety and reduced rolling resistance, even under demanding conditions. A tyre so safe, its wet performance has been labelled with the best EU grade 'A', delivering safety to society. Excellent braking performance: Wet braking over tread lifetime with full-depth 3D siping technology. Wet optimised compound for better performance in the wet. 3D interlocking sipes maintain pattern stiffness for maximum braking effect. M+S capability for all weather conditions. Outstanding fuel efficiency: Improved tread void ratio and Fuel Saving Edge without compromising wet performance. Optimised 'belt to tread' width ratio, providing less deflection on the tread area. ***NOTE: The Continental Coach HA3 tyre is also available in some sizes with Continental's ContiPressureCheck (CPC) intelligent pressure monitor sensor, allowing for up-to-date pressure information to save on fuel consumption and increase casing lifetime. It also significantly reduces the risk of tyre failure, whilst maintaining the value of the casing, and thus the retreadability. The new ContiPressureCheck system helps you actively reduce operating costs while improving driver and vehicle safety. Please check individual listings for 'CPC READY' to indicate that the sensor is included. Please also note that to ensure correct operation the inbuilt sensor for this tyre needs to be correctly coded to the vehicle using Continental CPC specialist software. Continental CPC Tyres are only to be installed on vehicles which have a compatible tyre monitoring system and should be installed by professionals with the relevant equipment. Currently Big Tyres fitting partners are unable to offer this service.***

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