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Bias or Crossply Truck & Bus Tyres are usually found on older/vintage trucks, buses & coaches, along with some military vehicles & on logging, mining or construction site trucks. Bias Truck & Bus tyres offer good side wall protection, strong shoulders and robust tread designs.

Search our range of bias ply truck & bus tyres below using your tyre size to start. Ensure you later filter your results to match or exceed your current tyres speed/load or ply rating.

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Bias Ply is a term to describe a tyres construction, and is a different construction method to the more modern Radial construction often seen on modern commercial trucks and buses. Bias Ply tyres are therefore typically used on older vehicles. Bias Ply (or Crossply) tyres have a sidewall that runs diagonally from bead to bead, with multiple layers of rubber-coated fabric plies that run at angles to each other and to the centerline of the tyre. The number of plies and the angles at which they are laid dictate strength and load capacity.

Bias ply truck and bus tyres are sometimes used insetad of radial tyres due their favourable characteristics of handling heavy loads well, giving a firmer rider, and in having more puncture and damage resistant sidewalls and shoulders. They do lose out on some of the benefits you associate with a radial tyre, in that they have a higher rolling resistance, give a less comfortable ride and are less responsive in their handling due to their stiffness.

Bias Ply Truck & Bus Tyre sizes tend to be written in the older imperial form, and will look similar to 8.25-16 or 10.00-20. The first number is the tyre width in inches, the last number is the rim diameter in inches. The '-' in the size informs you it is off bias ply (or crossply) construction (as apposed to the more modern radial construction which would use an 'R' instead of the '-'). With truck tyres it is always recommended to replace like for like in terms of size, construction and in ply rating. If you need any advice on getting the right replacement tyre please Contact Us.

A bias truck tyre's Speed Index is the maximum safe speed that the tyre is manufactured to travel at, and is represented by a letter from A to Z. The tyre's Load Index is the maximum weight that the tyre can safely support, and is a one or two digit number. The higher this number is the more weight the tyre can carry. It is imperative for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants that tyres with high enough Speed and Load Indexes are chosen. Check the Load and Speed ratings of your current tyres before ordering replacements. The table below show what each load and speed index number/letter relates to in KG and MPH.

Whether we can offer to fit your bias truck & bus tyres depends on the vehicle in question. The external truck and bus tyre fitters and service partners that we work with do not have the required tooling, trainning or insurance to work on older vintage, or military trucks and buses, or on non standard UK spec vehicles. If you vehicle falls into this category then currently we can only supply your tyres without a fitting service. If your vehicle is a more common construction site vehicle then it may be something they can work with, so in that instance please get in contact with our sales team to discuss your request. You can also read our Tyre Fitting Information Page for more details.