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Our UTV, RTV & SxS tyre range covers tyres for utility, rugged terrain & side-by-side vehicles. Find leading brands like Carlisle, ITP & OTR, along with value brands like Wanda, Duro & Deli. Simply search our catalogue & buy your UTV, RTV & SxS tyres online!

Search our UTV, RTV, SxS tyre range using our tyre finder below, all you need is your tyre size to start. Ensure you later filter your results to only display tyres that match or exceed your current tyres load and speed rating. Please note UTV, RTV & SxS tyres normally require higher load rated / index marked tyres than standard quad ATV tyres. If you only require quad / ATV rated tyres please search our Quad & ATV Tyres section instead to ensure you order tyres that are suitably rated for your vehicle.

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Almost all UTV tyres will have the same size notation and would look something like 25X10.00-12. The first number is the height of the tyre (knows as the outer diameter) in inches. The second number, after the 'X', is the width of the tyre (section width) in inches, and the third part is the rim diameter (diamter of the hole in the middle of the tyre) in inches.

The '-' before the rim size tells us the construction is Crossply type (Radial would be represented by an 'R' instead of the '-'). So a 25X10.00-12 UTV tyre would be 25 inches tall (25" outer diameter), 10 inches wide (10" section width) and fit a 12" diameter wheel rim.

Tradiotinally most UTV tyres are Crossply construction, with a "-" before the Rim to show this, but some newer UTV tyres are now optimised for road use and have become Radial construction (with an "R" in the size).

Several tyre sizes are shared between UTVs and lighter machines such as quadbikes and ATVs. These tyres will look very similar and can even have the same Ply Rating, but they will have vastly different weight carrying capacities. This is because the tyres are made for very different pressures.

Tyres suitable for heavier UTVs, such as the Kubota RTV-900, will have a higher Load/Speed Index and on our website will be marked with the pressure rating (for example "UTV 22 PSI").

Getting the right Pressure and Load Rating is essential for the safe operation of your machine. Using tyres with the wrong rating can cause tyre blowouts, vehicle damage and extremely fast tyre wear.

Kubota recommend the excellent OTR MAG and SWIFT tyres for their heavy UTVs. You can see the OTR UTV range here or browse many more of the great alternatives. If in doubt, please check the operator's manual for the correct pressure or Contact Us for advice.

Each manufacturer produces its own range of unique tyre patterns or moulds, but most of these fall into broad categories based on the tyres application. Here is a summary of common pattern types for UTV, RTV & SxS Tyres.

AGGRESSIVE PATTERNS (MUD TYRES) - If you are using your UTV in muddy conditions, an aggressive pattern will allow your tyres to grip into the mud and propel your UTV forward, thus increasing traction in difficult conditions. Aggressive tyres typically have very tall tread patterns with large voids between them. The concept behind this type of tread pattern is that they are, for the most part, self-cleaning. as the tyre spins through the mud, the mud is forced from the centre section of the tread pattern and pushed outwards to the sides. Using aggressive tyres on any terrain but mud however will quickly wear down the tyres tread, making other patterns more suitable for road use.

TRAIL PATTERNS (ALL-TERRAIN) - Trail tyres, also known as "All-Terrain" tyres, are tyre manufacturers' best attempt to create a tyre able to handle a variety of terrain. Trail tyres, while they do not excel at any one terrain, do offer a good range of traction in various terrains. The tread pattern on all-terrain tyres vary tremendously, especially in the UTV industry. The tread on these tyres range from approximately ½" to ¾" deep, and typically have overlapping tread patterns with smaller gaps between the tread lugs than mud terrain tyres. However, if you are purchasing a set of all-terrain tyres in order to see various types of terrain, you should look for a set that offers a good amount of self-cleaning capability.

Our tyre fitting service does not cover fitting for UTV, RTV & SxS tyres. Most customers opt to take their old tyre and wheel rim to a local garage to be swapped over by a professional fitter, and as a guide you should be charged between £10-£15 per tyre. Some customer will opt to fit their own tyre, but please only do so if you are confident you know how to do so safely. UTV tyres when new can appear squashed or malformed due to how the tyre manufacturers transport and store their tyres, and sometime a tyre bead blaster or inner tube will be required to seat the tyre correctly on the rim.

Make sure that you check and maintain a consistent air pressure on your tyres if your UTV / SxS is used frequently. Avoid storing your UTV & SxS tyres in the sun if possible; use tyre covers if you do to avoid damage due to the sun's rays. The sun can dry out and crack your tyres if you're not careful! If you live in an area that is subject to very cold conditions, consider putting your RTV / UTV on blocks to keep the pressure off of your tyres. Cold environments will lower the pressure of your tyres which will substantially increase tyre wear as well as resulting in poor, dangerous handling.