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Earthmover & OTR Wheel Rims

Our Earthmover & OTR wheel rims will be available soon. Our range will cover all common size and specification wheel rims for dumpers, loaders, scrapers, graders & other common large Earthmoving & OTR vehicles. Options will include single piece, 3 piece & 5 piece wheel rims. 

Earthmover & OTR Wheel Rims

We will soon offer off-the-shelf stock of common earthmover and OTR wheel rims made out of high quality steel. Rims will come with a painted finish and include a limited 1 year manufacturers warranty.  Stock will be available in single piece, 3 piece and 5 piece earthmover and OTR wheel rims. Common tyre and rims combinations will include:

25" Rim Diameter:
385/95R25 - 12.00-25/1.3
17.5R25 - 14.00-25/1.5
18.00R25 - 13.00-25/2.5
20.5R25 - 17.00-25/2.0
21.00R25 - 15.00-25/3.0
23.5R25 - 19.50-25/2.5
26.5R25 - 22.00-25/3.0
750/65R25 - 24.00-25/3.0
29.5R25 - 25.00-25/3.5
850/65R25 - 27.00-25/3.5

29" Rim Diameter:
26.5R29 - 22.00-29/3.0
30/65R29 - 24.00-29/3.0
29.5R29 - 25.00-29/3.5
800/65R29 - 27.00-29/3.0
875/65R29 - 27.00-29/3.0
33.25R29 - 27.00-29/3.5

33" Rim Diameter:
18.00R33 - 13.00-33/2.5
21.00R33 - 15.00-33/3.0
33.5R35 - 28.00-33/4.0
35/65R33 - 28.00-33/3.5
37.5R33 - 32.00-33/4.5

39" Rim Diameter:
37.5R39 - 32.00-39/4.5
40.5/75R39 - 32.00-39/4.5
45/65R39 - 32.00-39/4.5

49" Rim Diameter:
24.00R49 - 17.00-49/3.5
27.00R49 - 19.50-49/4.0

51" Rim Diameter:
30.00R51 - 22.00-51/4.5
33.00R51 - 24.00-51/5.0
36.00R51 - 26.00-51/5.0

To enable us to quote you on earthmover and OTR wheel rims we will need some key information including the wheel rim size and centre plate bolt configuration (number of bolt holes, centre bore hole diameter, PCD, offset), if its a single or multi piece rim, along with the application it is being used in and the vehicle make/model it will be used on. If this level of information is not known we recommend you consult any machinery dealers or manufacturers who may be able to provide you with the information for your vehicle, along with reading our 'Wheel Measuring Guide'. You can also submit your information using our 'Wheel Enquiry' form below to start a conversation with our sales team.

Wheels Enquiry

If you have any questions about the information required or the wheel manufacturing process, then please Contact Big Tyres.