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Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres

Continental was founded in Hanover on 8th Oct­ober 1871. The company started life making buffers for horseshoes and solid tyres for car­riages. Consequently, in 1882, the iconic stallion horse was adopted as the company's trademark! Today, with sales exceeding 35 billion, the Continental Corporation is one of the top automotive suppliers worldwide. The group now produces truck, bus, coach, agricultural & construction tyres under the Continental, Uniroyal, Semperit & Barum brand names.

Continental Agri has been reborn in 2020 with a new range of agriculture tyres manufactured by Continental. You may find some previously well known Continental Tractor tyre patterns (ie AC65 / AC70 / AC85) are now branded as Mitas Tyres! This is due to Mitas previously manufacturing Continental's Agri tyres under license. That agreement ceased and Mitas now produce the same tyres with their own branding. Continental's new range is a fresh start for Continental Agri.

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The company's global workforce exceeds 227,000 employees who are all united to deliver the best solution for each and every market and customer. The Continenal range of industrial tyres are well regarded and offer quality and performance for forklift trucks and industrial machinery. The agricultural sector was until 2015 licensed out to the Mitas Tyres group, but with that relationship ending there had been a gap in production of agri tyres using the Continental name until 2020. The Continental group have now re-entered the agricultural tyre market with a new and improved range manufactured in their own owned and run manufacturing facilities.

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Continental Tyre Details

Continental AC65 Tyres

The Continental AC65 is now branded Mitas AC65 following licensing discussions between the two brands. Please visit the Mitas Tyres page to view them.

The Continental AC 65 ContiContract is a wide base tyre which is designed for field grassland and road use, its large contact footprint area (65% cross section) makes it especially ground-friendly - also in case of high equipment loading. The Continental AC 65 ContiContract's optimal tread bar arrangement and flexible sidewalls guarantee first-class comfort in case of fast road travel up to 43 mph. This makes in choice number one for universal use.Call us or order the The Continental AC 65 ContiContract tyre online today.

Continental AC70+ Tyres

The Continental AC70+ is now branded Mitas AC70+ following licensing discussions between the two brands. Please visit the Mitas Tyres page to view them.

The Continental AC 70+ tyre is a wide traction tyre for heavy field work. It provides good traction from its deep lugs and has outstanding self-cleaning properties between lugs to reduce slip and improves pulling power. The Continental AC 70+ tyre gives tremendous durability and outstanding traction making this tyre very economical. The tyre offers versatility and is also suitable for tractors used in wine cultivation and fruit growing.

Continental AC70G Tyres

The Continental AC70G is now branded Mitas AC70G following licensing discussions between the two brands. Please visit the Mitas Tyres page to view them.

The Continental AC 70G is special tractor drive wheel profile particularly good for avoiding damage to meadowland. Extremely quiet running on the road. Also well adapted for field use. The Continental AC 70G can be used on multi-purpose vehicles (90 km/h / 56 mph), telescope loaders and front axles of four-wheel drive tractors.

Continental AC70T Tyres

The Continental AC70T is now branded Mitas AC70T following licensing discussions between the two brands. Please visit the Mitas Tyres page to view them.

The Continental AC 70 T tyre is a wide traction tyre for heavy field work. It provides good traction from its deep lugs and has outstanding self-cleaning properties between lugs to reduce slip and improves pulling power. The Continental AC 70 T tyre gives tremendous durability and outstanding traction making this tyre very economical. The tyres offers versatility and is also suitable for tractors used in wine cultivation and fruit growing. Buy your Continental AC 70 T tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Continental AC85 Tyres

The Continental AC85 is now branded Mitas AC85 following licensing discussions between the two brands. Please visit the Mitas Tyres page to view them.

The Continental AC 85 ContiContract is a universally usable standard radial tyre with 85% cross-section ratio, authorised to 31 mph. Road driving is comfortable and low-noise due to the large positive content of its tread. With its large contact footprint area, the Continental AC 85 ContiContract travels ground-friendly over field and grassland. The utilisation of low-wear tread mixtures significantly increases its service life duration. Call us or order the Continental AC 85 ContiContract tyre online today.

Continental AC90 Tyres

The Continental AC90 is now branded Mitas AC90 following licensing discussions between the two brands. Please visit the Mitas Tyres page to view them.

The Continental AC 90 tyre has a reduced tyre width which eases driving between plants without causing damage, contributing to higher yields. It's rounded shoulders, lugs and tire height also protect crops. The Continental AC 90 tyre is cost-efficient thanks to it's durable construction that offers high load capacity and can transport at speeds up to 30 mph. The deep lugs on the tread provide excellent traction, better directional stability and a high level of control. The Continental AC 90 tyre has good self-cleaning properties helping to keep the tread pattern free of mud, resulting in less slip, even in difficult conditions. Buy your Continental AC 90 tyres online from Big Tyres today.

Continental Ag Trailer Tyres

The Continental Ag Trailer is now branded Mitas Ag Trailer following licensing discussions between the two brands. Please visit the Mitas Tyres page to view them.

The Continental AgroTrailer tyre is a multi purpose (MPT) radial tyre for agricultural and utility trailers; approved for speeds of up to 100 km/h (62 mph). The longitudinal and lateral structure of the tread pattern, combined with rounded tread shoulders, ensures low rolling resistance. The all-steel construction protects the tyre from damage.

Continental AS-Farmer Tyres

The Continental AS-Farmer is a tough cross-ply tyre for tractors. It has a tough cross-ply construction for agricultural tractors and self-propelled harvesting equipment. The Continental AS-Farmer gives longer life, Quiet, low-vibration on-road operation, prevents damage on grassland. Call us or order the Continental AS-Farmer tyre online today.

Continental AS-Front T9 Tyres

The Continental AS-Front T9 is ideal for field operations and regular transport. The sturdy shoulder bars of the Continental AS-Front T9 offer excellent sidewall protection.

Continental AW-Farmer Tyres

The Continental AW-Farmer has been designed for both on and off-the-road applications, the AW-Farmer offers high load capacities with minimal soil compaction.

Continental Coach HA3 Tyres

The Continental Coach HA3 Tyre gives you excellent braking performance, outstanding fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride. For long-distance coach journeys, reliability and efficiency are essential. The Continental Coach HA3 tyre delivers maximum safety and reduced rolling resistance, even under demanding conditions. A tyre so safe, its wet performance has been labelled with the best EU grade “A”, delivering safety to society. Excellent braking performance: Wet braking over tread lifetime with full-depth 3D siping technology. Wet optimised compound for better performance in the wet. 3D interlocking sipes maintain pattern stiffness for maximum braking effect. M+S capability for all weather conditions. Outstanding fuel efficiency: Improved tread void ratio and Fuel Saving Edge without compromising wet performance. Optimised “belt to tread” width ratio, providing less deflection on the tread area.

Continental CombineMaster Tyres

Every part of the Continental CombineMaster tyres is crafted for quality and reliability due to the combination of Continental's innovative N.flex, d.fine and bead technologies. The Continental CombineMaster offers great traction due to advanced bead technology, low vibrations and high comfort due to Continental's N.flex technology, along with durability and stress resistance due to Continental's d.fine lug technology.

Continental CompactMaster AG Tyres

The Continental CompactMaster AG tyre is designed for agricultural work with telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders and for universal vehicles on farms. The tyre represents years of research and development by Continental's agricultural research and development teams in Lousado and Hanover. The new twisted steel belt construction of the Continental CompactMaster AG has a unique Turtle Shield layer beneath the rubber to protect the shoulder area from damage. The wider tread and lug widths of the Continental CompactMaster AG have been specifically designed to offer better traction on a variety of surfaces and improve the self-cleaning The main properties of the tyre include Material handling on the farm on paved ground; Loading and collecting of farm goods on field and grass land; Maximum speed up to 50 km/h.

Continental CompactMaster EM Tyres

The Continental CompactMaster EM provides outstanding performance in hard surface operations.

Continental CS20 Solid Tyres

The Continental CS 20 is a solid materials handling tyre which prioritises driver comfort. The wide shoulder rib of the Continental CS 20 ensures minimum vibration during use, making the tyre perfect for indoor hard and smooth surfaces.

Continental DrillMaster Tyres

The Continental DrillMaster tyre is for Drill Rigs, Scalers or Bolters. To drill blast holes as economically as possible, Drill Rigs cover rock cross sections of hundreds of square meters and more. Therefore, the Drills use up to four booms which result in very high tyre loads when moving. High cutting resistance, good traction, and stability are essential for tyres used in these applications. The Continental DrillMaster tyre is made of a highly cut resistant rubber compound that protects the carcass during operation in freshly blasted rocks. The tyre carcass is designed to withstand heavy loads, and the innovative zigzag tyre tread design on the Continental DrillMaster tyre offers maximum amount of gripping edges in all directions to safely manage steep inclination and declination with tight cornering.

Continental DumperMaster Tyres

The Continental DumperMaster tyres are for Loaders and Mine Trucks. Mine Trucks are mainly used for transporting ore to a conveyor belt or directly to the surface. Transport distances as well as the grades depend very much on the mine layout. To be most efficient in transporting ore, the machines with tramming capacities of 20 to 60 metric tons need tyres with low heat build-up to travel longer distances at higher average speeds. The Continental DumperMaster tyres take a step into the future of tyre management with the ContiPressureCheck system. Continuous tyre pressure and temperature monitoring will reduce tyre related breakdowns and vehicle downtimes and therefore increases the efficiency of the vehicle and your fleet. The Continental DumperMaster tyres have a unique construction and pattern design. They are an All Steel Radial carcass construction with ratings of up to four stars. The Continental DumperMaster tyres offer low heat build-up and extremely high load-carrying capacity for efficient hauling and are equipped with a premounted sensor which constantly monitors inflation pressure and temperature of the tyre.

Continental EcoPlus HS3 Tyres

The Continental EcoPlus HS3 Tyre is the pro in fuel efficiency. It gives you Excellent fuel efficiency, High mileage performance, Improved wet performance and Premium retreadability. With its wet performance pocket sipes, a new technology with full-depth sipes, the newly developed Continental EcoPlus HS3 boasts enhanced water displacement and improved wet performance. Wet Performance Pocket Sipes: A new siping technology with full-depth sipes enhances water displacement and improves wet performance. Plus Volume Pattern: Smaller groove widths add tread material and increase wear resistance to guarantee high mileage performance. Two-layer Tread Construction: The two-layer tread construction combines high mileage performance in the cap compound with significant rolling resistance improvements in the base compound.

Continental EM-Master E3 Tyres

The Continental EM-Master E3/L3 is an earthmover tyre designed for the harshest construction and mining applications. It sports superior durability, traction and cut resistance that are all essential for ensuring machines can run consistently and efficiently regardless of terrain. The E3/L3 version of this Continental EM-Master tyre features more spaced-out lugs than the alternate E4/L4 version, so it provides better grip and self-cleaning.

Continental EM-Master E4 Tyres

The Continental EM-Master E4/L4 is an earthmover tyre designed for the harshest construction and mining applications. It sports superior durability, traction and cut resistance that are all essential for ensuring machines can run consistently and efficiently regardless of terrain. The E4/L4 version of the Continental EM-Master tyre features smaller lug spacing and a deep tread for smoother running on harder surfaces and increased puncture resistance.

Continental HA-30 Tyres

The Continental HA-30 is an off/on road tyre, its deep tread pattern provides grip in some of the harshest terrain.

Continental HCS Tyres

The Continental HCS is a trailer tyre, designed for the some of the harshest terrain. The HCS features high operational safety, long-lasting service and outstanding resistance to damage through compounds with extreme resistance to cuts and tears. Enormous traction, even on harshest terrain, thanks to tread pattern structure and geometry, and Continentals most durable casing design for maximum service life in off-road use. This tyre is M+S rated.

Continental HDC Tyres

The Continental HDC tyre is a super single fitment for the drive axle in on/off service with a heavier payload per axle* thanks to higher load-bearing capacity. The HDC is very easy to retread thanks to the reinforced belt design and robust casing, and its tread pattern design and excellent overall rigidity, both optimised for use in construction, provide outstanding traction. * The maximum permissible load-bearing capacity of an axle is given by the vehicle manufacturer based on applicable regulations. Simply fitting tires with higher load capacity on an axle capable of carrying higher loads will not allow you to exceed the load capacity recommended by the manufacturer.

Continental HDC1 Tyres

The Continental HDC1 Tyre offers durability, high mileage, long service life – three features that now take you even further. All in all, this means increased resistance to the extreme demands made by construction sites, plus enhanced economy of your vehicles. The Continental HDC1 Tyre has an advanced tread pattern developed for further improved traction. Tread area :Means increased resistance to cuts, chipping and chunking, Reduces the number, and most importantly the depth of any cuts and tears, Improves protection of the casing by keeping damage superficial, Results in substantially higher removal mileage, thanks to its great durability. Belt layer: Withstands highly concentrated pressure, Prevents fatigue fractures, Means enhanced traction characteristics through the stiffness of the overall structure, Protects the casing effectively and offers best retreadability. Tread pattern: Results in considerably higher mileage with even wear, Ensures reliable grip and good handling both on and off the road, Improves the tire’s selfcleaning characteristics and reduce stone-trapping (casing protection), Combines high mileage with significant traction and optimum road suitability, whatever the weather conditions. Contour: Provides greater resistance to deformation caused by radial forces, Minimizes compression of the sidewalls, even with heavier loads, Counteracts premature material fatigue, Means greater load-carrying capacity and improved retreadability.

Continental HDL1 Tyres

The Continental HDL1 is a drive tyre designed for international long haul transport.

Continental HDL2+ Tyres

The Continental HDL2 is a drive tyre that has been designed for long haul over the highway service. It features an advanced tread compound, a closed shoulder tread design and a patented innovative groove technology. The HDL2 provides long original mileage and low rolling resistance.

Continental HDR Tyres

The Continental HDR or Heavy Drive Regional, is a drive tyre designed for short and long haul, on/off highway service. Its Multi-service tread compound is long lasting for local and long haul service and its offset centre tread blocks provide excellent all weather traction.

Continental HDR2+ Tyres

The Continental HDR2+ Tyre is a Heavy Regional Haul Drive Tyre. It features improved cap/base tread compounds for improved wear performance, wet traction and cut/chip/chunk performance. Optimized contour and balanced footprint distribution for extended tread life and product performance. Chamfered tread block geometry to withstand higher drive axle torque with reduced drive tyre wear conditions such as tearing and cracking. The Continental HDR2+ Tyre is built on the Conti 3G Casing for maximum retreadability. Applications: Regional haul drive positions. On/Off-highway service.

Continental HSC Tyres

The Continental HSC is a strong steer tyre, designed for both on and off road service. Its tread provides optimum resistance to damage, plus high mileage thanks to its new on-/off-road compound and new contour. The Continental HSC has been fine-tuned to suit predominantly on- or off-road use.

Continental HSC1 Tyres

The Continental HSC1 is an on-off road steer tyre designed for durability, high mileage and long service life. This means increased resistance to the extreme demands made by construction sites, plus enhanced economy of your vehicles.

Continental HSL2 Tyres

The Continental HSL2 is a heavy steer tyre designed for long haul applications. Its technologically advanced tread compound contributes to low rolling resistance for optimum fuel efficiency and significant removal mileage. The HSL2 has also been engineered for low noise and optimal weight distribution across the footprint. It features Continentals Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI®) to alert users to tyre tracking problems.

Continental HSR1 Tyres

The Continental HSR1 is a heavy steer regional tyre. Its tread compound has been designed designed to provide long tread life in regional applications. Its patented innovative groove technology also leads to minimum stone retention, extending casing life, and its tread pattern has been designed for excellent wet traction and reduced noise.

Continental HTL Tyres

The Continental HTL is a heavy trailer long haul tyre. Its advanced, fuel efficient compound provides long original mileage and rolling resistance. A 13/32” tread depth minimises tread squirm and irregular wear. The HTL also features Continentals Visual Aligment Indicators (VAI) to alert user to tyre tracking problems. Patented innovative groove technology leads to minimum stone retention, extending casing life.

Continental HTL2 Tyres

The Continental HTL 2 is a heavy load, long haul trailer tyre. The HTL 2 was specially designed for high-volume transport on motorways. In spite of the high loads it has to carry, it guarantees low rolling resistance and high mileage performance.

Continental HTR2 Tyres

The Continental HTR 2 is a heavy load, long haul and low platform trailer tyre. The HTR 2 is ideal for heavy goods transportation on country roads. Despite heavy loads, the casing and tread design provide high mileage performance and optimum fuel savings.

Continental IC30 Tyres

The Continental IC30 provides great traction in the roughest terrains. The Continental IC30 tyre features strong lungs that are constructed from a wear-resistant rubber compound, which guarantees good mileage, good traction and good self-cleaning.

Continental LD-Master Traction Tyres

Continental LDR1 Tyres

The Continental LDR1 is a regional drive tyre, it provides even tread wear with good grip when steering, braking and accelerating and less rolling resistance with an optimized compound.

Continental LSR1 Tyres

The Continental LSR1 is a light steer regional steer/all-position tyre. The LSR1's an all steel radial designed for outstanding durability and maximum retreadability, its specialized compounding delivers outstanding mileage while still providing excellent fuel efficiency. The LSR1's 10 ply light truck all steel casing provides increased load carrying capacity, durability and puncture resistance

Continental MIL Solid Tyres

The Continental MIL tyre, also known as the Continental CSE-Robust, is a solid tyre for use on small tractors and trailers. Traction, stability and extreme durability are all provided by the optimal tread pattern and solid construction of the Continental MIL.

Continental MPT 70E Tyres

The Continental MPT 70E is the tyre of choice for small construction machines working in tough conditions. Ideally suited to off-road and construction-site usage, the Continental MPT 70E offers outstanding bi-directional traction with its self-cleaning lug design. The Continental MPT 70E offers high mileage and a long service life, with its sturdy construction and premium-quality rubber compound.

Continental MPT 80 Tyres

The Continental MPT 80 is a multi-purpose off-road tyre offering high mileage and superb off-road traction. The flexible carcass and self-cleaning design of the Continental MPT 80 ensure a good grip on soft ground.

Continental MPT 81 Tyres

The Continental MPT 81 is a multi-purpose tyre for all conditions on and off the road. With excellent performance on mud, snow and even ice, the Continental MPT 81 is a fantastic all-rounder with consistent traction and handling. Suitable for a broad range of utility vehicles, the Continental MPT 81 has a flexible carcass and premium-quality rubber compound in order to reduce vibrations and noise levels, and to increase tyre life.

Continental RDT-Master Tyres

The Continental RDT-Master is a dumper tyre designed to offer high stability and good traction even at speed with superior cut resistance. The wide tread radius and deep tread of the Continental RDT-Master offer a high load capacity, excellent wear picture and self-cleaning. These tyres are made with either the standard compound or the more durable 'cut resistance' compound version.

Continental SC11 Solid Tyres

The Continental SC 11 is suitable for a range of industrial vehicles and trailers, with a robust solid construction and an efficient rib pattern. The Continental SC 11 has excellent steering characteristics and low rolling resistance, offering excellent wear and performance over a long service life.

Continental SC20+ Solid Tyres

The Continental SC 20+ uses the advanced Plus Compound to improve mileage by up to 20%, and increase resistance to damage. The Continental SC 20+ is a leading product in efficiency, offering long-term cost savings with a low rolling resistance and long life. The proven tread design of the Continental SC 20+ has large tread blocks and extra large linear grooves for excellent traction and durability.

Continental SH12 Solid Tyres

The Continental SH 12 is a smooth solid tyre for special applications, offering the maximum possible contact area for smooth and comfortable operation. The Continental SH 11 offers low vibration and noise, with exceptional mileage and toughness.

Continental SVT Tyres

The Continental SVT is designed as a Super volume tyre. It can carry up to 12% more load than comparable competitive products at identical tyre pressures, which also does not affect the tyres top speed.

Continental T7 Tyres

The Continental T7 is a three rib crossply tractor front tyre. The three rib design construction ensures easy steering and this tyre is also suitable for use on certain agricultural machines.

Continental Traction-Farmer Tyres

The Continental Traction-Farmer is a crossply implement tyre for Agricultural applications. It features a lugged tread pattern for the roughest of terrains.

Continental Tractor70 Tyres

The Continental Tractor70 tyre is wider than a standard agricultural tyre, resulting in a larger footprint for the Continental Tractor70. Combined with the self-cleaning properties from the smooth and rounded lugs, the Continental Tractor70 tyre offers high traction capability. With a new bead design, the tyre is also able to operate at lower pressures than other tyres therefore placing less of a burden on the soil. Other benefits include, gentle ground handling due to wide footprint, better traction due to wider footprint than Tractor85 and good traction due to smooth and rounded interlug design.

Continental Tractor85 Tyres

The Continental Tractor85 tyres have Continentals integrated N.flex technology for increased robustness, an innovative bead design to reduce soil compaction and feature Continental's advanced D.fine lug technology that provides high mileage. The Continental Tractor85 tyre is designed to be a longer-lasting tyre that takes dedicated farmers further. The Continental Tractor85 has a flexible carcass to ensure better damping in all applications, and the low shrinkage nylon reduces flat spots for a more comfortable ride. The Continental Tractor85 tyre is manufactured in moulds using only 2 separate pieces, instead of other manufactures which use up to 32 piece moulds, this results results in almost perfect roundness which delivers greater driver comfort.

Continental TractorMaster Tyres

The Continental TractorMaster tyre goes that extra mile to support the farmer in all weather and on all terrain. The Continental TractorMaster tyre is long lasting and takes dedicated farmers further. The Continental TractorMaster tyre integrate their new 'N.flex' technology, an innovative bead design and an advanced 'D.fine' lug technology. Benefits of the tyre include high mileage due to D.fine lug technology, excellent robustness due to N.flex technology and low soil compaction due to improved bead technology.

Continental TractorMaster Hybrid Tyres

Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid is an intelligent tyre designed for roads, hard and soft soils. The VF TractorMaster Hybrid was developed to help especially in agriculture contracting work. It offers high comfort and mileage on roads and ideal traction on hard and soft soils and does minimum damage on grassland applications. The integrated tyre sensor informs you constantly about the pressure and temperature and ensures the maximum tyre life with the right pressure. The main features of the Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid are ideal traction and comfort on road, hard and soft soil; Higher mileage than Standard and Advanced series tyres due to larger lug surface especially on road applications; Suitable for grassland applications ;Pressure sensor to ensure correct pressure; VF Technology for about 40 percent more load at the same inflation pressure than standard tyres or 40 percent less inflation pressure for the same load than standard tyres

Continental Ypsilon Tyres

The Continental Ypsilon combines all the benefits of implement and MPT radial tyres and is approved for speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mph). Its all-round suitability means it can be fitted not only to trailed axles but also drive axles.